Java parsing, better way to use tokenizer?

Posted on 2007-11-23
Last Modified: 2008-09-20
I'm trying to parse a csv file (probably made in excel, or access).

Each field is separated by a "," (comma) but some fields are empty, so I'm not getting the data correctly.

Below is what I'm doing now. Is there a better way to parse?

This line works fine:
23, something, aTitle, something, Smith

This line gives me wrong values:


Both come from the same table with 4 fields.

String line = in.readLine();
	StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(line,",");
	int fieldCount=0;
		String nextFieldData = st.nextToken();
			case 1: 
			String ID = (nextFieldData);
			case 3: 
			String Title  = (nextFieldData);
			case 5: 
			String Name  = (nextFieldData);

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Question by:polkadot
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Expert Comment

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there are lot of issues which you have to take care if you do it that ways...

instead try some readily available parsers,

Author Comment

ID: 20339344
csvreader works great, but its a bit bulky, I just wanted some ideas in just parsing it simply ... any other ideas
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Expert Comment

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Then you can't use StringTokenizer, you have to write your own parser.  Read the line character by character, check to see if there's a comma, and parse accordingly.
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I would not use home-brewed parsing. If it were that simple, there would not be any need for classes such as these
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>>StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(line,",");


StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer( line,",", true );

and discard the odd( which is the comma ) tokens in the traversing process...
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ID: 20340802
you can find a lightweight csv parser here:
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Accepted Solution

gnoon earned 500 total points
ID: 20344564
I've surveyed the source code of ST. If delemeters are successive (having blank field(s)), they will be group as a delemeter. For example

data: 1,,3,   will become   1,3,   (ST acts with ,, as ,)
return: {1,3,}

ST is not appropriate to parse CSV file.
If you will use JRE 1.4+, use String.split() instead    String[] fields = line.split(",").
If you will use JRE 1.3-, write your own function to parse the line (never use StringTokenizer) and returns array of fields.
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Expert Comment

ID: 20344587
public String[] parse(String s, char delim)
    StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer();
    ArrayList a = new ArrayList();
    char c;
    for(int i=0; i<s.length(); i++)
        c = s.charAt(i);
        if(c == delim)
            b = new StringBuffer();
        else b.append(c);
    String[] r = new String[a.size()];
    for(int i=0; i<r.length; i++)
        r[i] = (String) a.get(i);
    return r;

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