Total output drops Cisco 3640 T1 PTP circuit issue?

Hello. Currently I have two Cisco 3640's connected via PTP (frame relay). We recently were receiving calls from our second facility (other side of PTP) about their T1 line bouncing. I had our carrier monitor, loop the circuit. They finally determined that it was a bad pair at the facility where I reside (other end of PTP). That was two days ago. I have recently cleared both serial T1 counters and in the last 37 minutes have noticed 51 output drops and zero input errors. On the other router I show 0 output drops and 0 input errors.

Question: Are the 51 output drops on my side something I should be concerned about, or is this a normal amount? If this something of concern what further tests can I run on the 3640's?
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cstosgaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe output drops refer to packets being dropped due to conjestion on the link. i.e. there is more traffic being sent over the link than the router can send or buffer, and therefore the traffic gets dropped.

I wouldn't say this is related to the issue described above, and I wouldn't consider it to be a cause for concern unless applications are having problems over the link. If so, you may want to implement QoS or get a higher bandwith link.
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