Connecting to SQL Server from VB6


I'm trying to connect to a SQL Server (2005) database from Visual Basic 6.0.  The attached code produces no errors, yet never fills the dataset.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dim thisWorkspace As DAO.Workspace
    Set thisWorkspace = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseODBC)
    Dim thisConnection As DAO.Connection
    Set thisConnection = thisWorkspace.OpenConnection("", , , "ODBC;DATABASE=KnowledgeTracker;DSN=KTracker")
    Set gdbKnowledgeTracker = thisConnection.Database
    Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
    Dim sSQL As String
    sSQL = "SELECT * FROM Problems"
    Set rs = gdbKnowledgeTracker.OpenRecordset(sSQL)

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Jim HornConnect With a Mentor Microsoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented: is an excellent resource for peicing together connection strings.

{another wild guess, I'm on a roll....}

Lose the parentheses as well, as they imply that you are trying to return a value/reference.

thisConnection.Open "Provider=sqloledb;Network Library=DNETLIB;datasource=SQLSERVER,1433;Initial catalog=KnowledgeTracker;Trusted Connection=Yes;Encrypt=YES"
3_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello NigelRocks,

this works from VB6 to sql server 2000. I do not have MS sql 2005
Change SQLSERVER with your servername and databasename with the databasename you want to use

set thisconnection = new adodb.connection
set rs = new adodb.recordset = "Provider=sqloledb;Network Library=DNETLIB;datasource=SQLSERVER,1433;Initial catalog=KnowledgeTracker;Trusted Connection=Yes;Encrypt=YES"
rs.activeconnection = thisconnection
rs.source = "SELECT * FROM Problems" , , adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly
'Use your recordset
set rs = nothing
set thisConnection = nothing
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
Are you sure that what you posted is VB6 code?  My compiler choked on this:

    Dim thisConnection As Connection
    Set thisConnection = New Adodb.Connection

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3_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:

but you have to add the following reference in VB6
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library
2.8 can vary depending the version of MDAC you have installed. (2.8 is default win xp)

Control the following line in you code
Dim thisConnection as ADODB.Connection

wiht databasename I mean the initial catalog, I gues in your case this is KnowledgeTracker
good luck
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
>My compiler choked on this: ...  Set thisConnection = New Adodb.Connection

That's because DAO does not have a Connection object, only a Database object.  ADO (ADODB) has a connection object.

The code 3_S posted for you using ADO only should work for you.
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
I added the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library reference.

I got a "variable not defined" error on this line;
thisconnecton.Open = "Provider=sqloledb;Network Library=DNETLIB;datasource=SQLSERVER,1433;Initial catalog=KnowledgeTracker;Trusted Connection=Yes;Encrypt=YES"

These two lines above it define the object:
Dim thisConnection As ADODB.Connection
 Set thisConnection = New ADODB.Connection

If this code has worked for you, there must be something VERY different about our IDEs.

Did you copy paste the line with the 'variable not defined' error
thisconnecton is not the variable you defined:  thisConnection is  (letter i is missing in you posted code)

You can check this by typing thisconnection and then the point.  If no propositions are made then you typed your variable wrong.
I would also recommend that you always add option explicit to every form/module/class you add in a project.  With this option you must declare every variable else you get compiler error to warn you.

I use VB6 with sp5
Sorry. The i was a typo of mine in thisConnection
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
Yes, it was a typo.

I also got an error on:

thisConnection.Open = "  "

It has to be

thisConnection.Open(" ")

I'll get back to you about what happens.
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
{very wild guess}

Lose the = sign "Provider=sqloledb;Network Library=DNETLIB;datasource=SQLSERVER,1433;Initial catalog=KnowledgeTracker;Trusted Connection=Yes;Encrypt=YES"
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
It doesn't like this line:

thisConnection.Open ("Provider=sqloledb;Network Library=DNETLIB;datasource=SQLSERVER,1433;Initial catalog=KnowledgeTracker;Trusted Connection=Yes;Encrypt=YES")

Where in the above string would I tell it what server to use?

NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
This is the string that did it:

thisConnection.Open "Driver={SQL Server};Server=COPS14\COPSDEV;Database=KnowledgeTracker;Trusted_Connection=Yes;"
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