Quick test of RedHat ES 3

I need to run a few tests on an apache web server with a php application that acceses mysql
We use RedHat ES3 on linux at work, but now I really would like to run my tests on my own WinXP

I used WMWare with RedHat some years ago, and it seemed to work ok.
Nowadays, what would be the best and quickest (and preferrably cheapest) way to accomplish this? I suppose I could use any (modern) RedHat version, but perhaps RedHat ES 3 would be preferred, to assure compatibility with my "real platform"

Question 1)
Is the VMWare "player" an option? I need to make sure I get the right php and mysql modules and extra libraries, so I probably need to be able to really "install things". And of course I need to add (permanently) my own php applications and database files to the system. Is all that possible with the VMWare player?

Question 2)
RedHat ES 3 seems old nowadays. Is is possible to find it cheaper than current versions, anywhere? Do I really need the ES version or would a normal "desktop" (or whatever it's called) version work? As I said, I need apache+php+mysql

Question 3)
Is there a RedHat+VMWare bundling available, to make installation easier. And the price lower?

I've read through the RedHat and VMWare sites, but I don't really get any good answers.
/Stefan Lennerbrant
Stefan LennerbrantAsked:
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get CentOS, it is the same as redhat but free. You can download older versions (CentOS 3 corresponds to ES 3).


VmWare Server is free (and now it looks as if beta 2 is out). You can download it, you register on their site (free) and then you are sent a registration number so you can use it.

1. If you are running from XP, vmware is THE option (not necessarily the player, as for that the VM has to be setup already, but vmware server is also free).

2. The best alternative to vmware is it's clone, CentOS (free).


3I'm not aware of any bundling of vmware server and centos, but either are free.
Stefan LennerbrantAuthor Commented:
How/where is VMWare free? Limitations on the free version?

Any ideas of where to find a RedHat ES 3 (compared to the version 5 that RedHat sells now)
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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Stefan LennerbrantAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'll try that one out.
Now, does anybody know if there exist some kind of similar free download of that old RedHat ES3 for testing?

I found ES4 at
but of course that is ES4 (could suit me anyhow, I suppose) but it is a "Player" appliance and I am uncertain whether I can relly "install" programs in that environment? How does it work?

The difference between player and the other vmware products is that you can't install anything in player, you have to use preinstalled VM's, while for instance in the server version you can install your own OS, like Centos 3 or whatever. You can also run those prebuilt VM's, that's no problem, within vmware server.
Stefan LennerbrantAuthor Commented:
I tried to install the VMWare Server 1.0.4 but it didn't work because I've already got a stand-alone "player" containing a Windows envinronment with Cisco VPN connections to an external system.

The "ACE" component already installed with that player stopped the installation of the 1.0.4 server.
Too bad, because I cannot uninstall that existing player even though I us it very seldom.

Any ideas?`

Also, what's the difference between Server 1.0.4 and VMWare Server/Workstation?

Why can't you uninstall the player? You can also use the VM's you have been running with the player in VmWare Server.

Server has less hardware support than workstation for the virtual machines. With workstation you could use more devices in the VM, like USB things etc.
Stefan LennerbrantAuthor Commented:
I can't uninstall the player because I need it to be able to connect to another external system. The specific VPN solution is contained in the WIndows envinronment within the player.
It's a high security company:-)

However, perhaps I could test uninstalling the player, installing the VMWare, and than re-install the player. Perhaps it works better that way round?
Or could I convince one of the installations to use the other installation's ACE component?

Just copy or keep the VM's you are loading with the player to some other location. Then uninstall the player and install server instead. then you can open the copied VM from server. The main difference between server and player is that the player is only a runtime tool, with which you can't build your own VM's. It may use less disk space and could run a little faster. You could also, after you have built your own VM with VmWare Server, uninstall server and reinstall the player, then run your new VM through it.
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