Flash player for Blacberry Curve?

Is there a flash player for the BlackBerry. ?? I have a 8830...I saw a similar question relating to this back in July. Its now Nov...wonder if theyve introduced something yet?
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
There is not such thing. A Blackberry is mostly an Agenda, not a pocket computer, with a slow processor and few memory. Flash Player is highly intensive and requires a better hardware. If you want full features in a pocket device, better you buy a PocketPC or a SmartPhone.
you can install Flash for your brwser to view Flash ,aterial from a website.

lizarejaAuthor Commented:
If you want full features in a pocket device, better you buy a PocketPC or a SmartPhone.Accept Multiple Solutions Accept as Solution
I have a blackberry curve smartphone??
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Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
It doesn't appear that flash will be available any time soon on a BlackBerry device.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
"Is there a flash player for the BlackBerry. ?? "

As mentioned above there is no flash player available for BlackBerry.
Forced accept.

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Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
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