Remote Assistance - "Current Settings prevent assistance...."

this is a continuation of the question here -

if someone can answer this, they can get points from both questions.
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jax79sgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems that most of the obvious settings have been tried and tested to no avail.
I have a couple of possibilities, you may want to try it out.

The previous administrator may have 'hardened' your server in some manner which causes this. Try to grab hold of him/her to verify if possible. If that can't be done, we can try sniffing through the following.

Run 'services.msc'
Check if those services that relate to 'Remote ***' are at least set to Manual. Also look through the rest and see if there are other explitcitly disabled services. Note: Some administrators took the pain of removing services from the list during the hardening process, if this is the case you may have to look thru the web for the actual dependencies for the Remote Assistance feature.

Open 'Users/Groups'
Check that you have a remote desktop users group.

Check ('Local) Security Policies' in Administrative Tools.
Check that 'Allow logon through Terminal Services' has Remote Desktop Users.
Checj that 'Access this computer from network' has the essential logon groups or names.
Look through the list and see if there's anything you feel is not really right.

Hope this helps.
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
  Hi chrismarx
       Lets make a fresh start.  
         *You want to send an invitation but you get "Your current system settings prevent you from sending an invitation" correct?
         *Is this computer in a domain? Affected by any GPO?
         *Is currently logged on user a member of Administrators group of local computer?
         *Is "Remote Assistance" enabled in My Compuer properties>Remote ?
          If the computer is in a domain, apply the following GPO change on the GPO of OU which has your currently logged on user. If the computer is not in a domain, simply Start>run>gpedit.msc

        Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Remote Assitance
        *In right-pane, double-click "Offer remote assistance" and set it to enabled.
        *In drop-down box choose "Allow helpers to remotely control the computer"
        *Click show next to helpers, click add, then enter the currently logged on username

Apply, then run gpupdate /force. Computer reboot may be needed for GPO take effect

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chrismarxAuthor Commented:
i will try these/find out and get back shortly
chrismarxAuthor Commented:

ok, heres what i've found out.

1.  the remote desktop help session manager was set to manual , but was not started. starting it had no effect.
2. one of the dependencies for that is the Remote Procedure Call (RPC), which is set to automatic, and i do not seem to be able to change from the services panel
3. in the local security settings, there is no "Allow logon through Terminal Services" policy, only a "Deny logon through Terminal Services"

any ideas?

(ps. i havent heard anyone saying they couldnt use windows messenger...)
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
chris did you have time to check my steps?
chrismarxAuthor Commented:
whoops, sorry, here goes:

1. yes, thats the message i get
2. it is on a domain. how would i check if its being affected by a group policy?
3. yes, logged on user is member of admin
4. yes, remote assistance is enabled
5. im assuming the gpo is not something i change here, correct?
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
  GPO is group policy, that you should change as I mentioned. And you can do it in serverside with domain admin rights.
    *Do you have domain admin rights?
    *Is the user and computer object in an OU? If yes, are there any GPOs linked?

chrismarxAuthor Commented:
ok, i had to add the group policy snap-in. i enabled the remote services. I ran the gpudate, and it said that the computer policy refresh has completed,
certain user policies are enabled that can only run during logon.
ok to logoff?

i selected no, because i wasnt ready to reboot, but i did reboot a little later, and still no go, same message. i have to say, its amazing how many ways this service can be disabled-
chrismarxAuthor Commented:
I'm still trying to solve this problem, what would you recommend i do?
chrismarxAuthor Commented:
oy, this will be the second time for this question...
chrismarxAuthor Commented:
Yes, it appears there were server settings disabling this, nothing to do with my own local comp-
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