URGENT Netware 5.1 Server Need - netware ds error -634

Netware 5.1 Service Pack 8
GroupWise 5.5 SP 5
Single Server Novell Environment

My problem is a critical one. Our office suffered a power outage. Of course, all of our servers were on battery backup, but for whatever reason, we didn't get notified of the outage.

The only server that won't come back up is this server, dedicated to our company's e-mail system. When the server starts to load the Novell OS, things seem to go fine...until it reaches " Stage 4" of loading these NLM's, at which point....the server display goes into a cyclic repitition of unreadable 5.00-918 server messages. The SYS and VOL1 volumes load, but I cannot connect to the server.

Running a DSRepair produces only 2 errors, but the process seems not to be running...primarily because of the following errors:

* When it attempts to repair the network server address, it comes back saying it found a network address propertuy on the server object and through SAP, but comes back with ERROR: Could Not Connect -634

* When it goes to look at the replica ring, it comes back with the same -634 error, saying "Could not connect to server object by name."

This is a critical need for us. I'd like to not have to go through and build a whole new server again...not to mention having no idea of how to get the NDS information off of that server. I do have BackupExec copies of the server data and sys volumes, but have never done a "Full restore" from there either.

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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seriochka1Author Commented:
I should also add that I've already called Novell Technical Support and they refused to open a case on pay-per-support basis (or any other) so that someone could help me. I've called nearly 3 pages of their site of "Preferred" partners and haven't found one person yet that can help.
Bud DurlandDirector of ITCommented:
Probalby Novell won't open an incident because NW5.1 has been EOL'd.

I did a quick search at the Novell KnowledgeBase (http://support.novell.com/search/kb_index.jsp) and it looks like the problem is likely rooted in the network.  You many have to start the server with -na and try the commands manually to answer these questions:

1) does the NIC driver load?

2) Are IPX addresses correct?

3) are IP addresses (if any) correct?

Also, TID's 10021670, 10066790, and 10025668 might apply
seriochka1Author Commented:
What "commands" are you taking about and it's been a while, so what's the "-na" switch do?
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Bud DurlandDirector of ITCommented:
Using -na as an option to server.exe tells NetWare not to run the commands in the server's AUTOEXEC.NCF file. You can then execute the commands in the AUTOEXEC.NCF manually; the the ones that load IPX or IP, the network cards, or bind the protocol to the card fail, you'll have an idea where the problem is.

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seriochka1Author Commented:
Well, I can't seem to get Netware to recognize the -na switch when starting from DR-DOS, which is the bundled DOS version on the 5.1 CD. I tried using standard "Edit" commands to get into the autoexec.bat file to add the switch, but it comes back always as "invalid command or directory"...even when I'm in the right place. Doing this load of server -na from a command line after a "Down" command...also doesn't seem to use the switch, the load of netware just keeps on going and going, with the same problems as before.

I looked at the TID's above...they do sound like some of the problems I'm experiencing, but I can't get to any of the utiliies mentioned there to try any of those solutions. For what it's worth, I build a completely separate Netware 5.1 server with the same specs as my original and tried to do a restore from our last good backup on Thursday night. THe backup seemed to restore everything just fine (using Symantec's BackupExec 11.d), but the new server now experiences the same exact behavior as the original. Yes, I did do a full DS Repair before downing and restarting that new server and any errors it found were corrected.

So I'm still looking for a way to bring this server back online before Monday. Any additional help would be appreciated.

seriochka1Author Commented:
I also thought about building another server, same properties as the one I'm trying to revive. Once built, I'd reinstall GroupWise 5.5 and the SP5 file. From there, I could use the GroupWise Import/Export Utility to import my list of users (and their current PO FiD's) into the new NDS tree. That would populate the GroupWise and NDS database with a current list of users and associate the mailbox files appropriately. I would then restore the Post Office from our last good backup and bring the post office back online. This sounds like it would work...but if someone could confirm that (along with the format of my import file attached), I'd appreciate it.

Surname	GivenName	NetID	Domain	PO	AccountID	Department	Visibility	Password	PhoneNumber	FaxNumber	FID
Lane	Stephanie	Slane.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	slane		System				025
Phillips	Jordan	jphillips.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jphillips		System				0c2
Dunn	Steven	sdunn.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	sdunn		System				10y
Wallner	Kim	kwallner.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	kwallner		System				11u
Lyman	Janet	jlyman.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jlyman		System				20b
Anderson	Stephen	sanderson.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	sanderson		System				39j
Goldasich	Matthew	mgoldasich.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mgoldasich		System				42d
Reid	Carol	creid.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	creid		System				44z
Bryant	Susan	sbryant.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	sbryant		System				4cs
Intern	Legal	legalintern.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	legalintern		System				4x0
Weaver	Kim	kweaver.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	kweaver		System				53n
Ashton	Trish	tashton.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	tashton		System				5fa
Mailbox	Ask CoLT	askcolt.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	askcolt		System				6yk
Anderson	David	anderson.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	anderson		System				75g
Thomas	Selina	sthomas.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	sthomas		System				7ar
Higgs	Alyssa	ahiggs.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	ahiggs		System				7f1
Knapp	Douglas	dknapp.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	dknapp		System				7xt
Turley	Ticara	tturley.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	tturley		System				8d8
Monahan	Mary	mmonahan.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mmonahan		System				8px
Houlihan	Dan	dhoulihan.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	dhoulihan		System				8ws
Mailroon		mailroom.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mailroom		System				9ju
Account	Google	google.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	google		System				91a
Heaton	Jeanne	jheaton.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jheaton		System				9ph
Hibbs	JoAnn	jhibbs.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jhibbs		System				9v5
Johnson	Michael	mjohnson.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mjohnson		System				acw
Gentile	Julia	jgentile.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jgentile		System				cui
Mathewson	Mark	mmathew.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mmathew		System				cy1
Schechter	Donna	dschecht.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	dschecht		System				dnu
Giacomini	Alexa	agiacomini.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	agiacomini		System				e2c
Lewers	Susan	smlewers.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	smlewers		System				fhl
Grant	Mary	mgrant.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mgrant		System				fkf
Lester	Phyllis	plester.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	plester		System				g0m
Intern 2	IBF	ibfintern2.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	ibfintern2		System				g68
Bar Association	Illinois State	isba.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	isba		System				g7d
Skube	Mark	mskube.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mskube		System				gq1
Oshesky	Bev	boshesky.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	boshesky		System				h7i
Underwood	Katie	kunderwood.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	kunderwood		System				hot
Fenski	Jean	jfenski.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jfenski		System				i47
Neal	Katie	kneal.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	kneal		System				i89
Sosin	Janet	jsosin.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jsosin		System				igq
Rexroad	Patt	prexroad.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	prexroad		System				j5k
McDermott	Mary	mmcdermott.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mmcdermott		System				jgh
Burke	Bridgett	bburke.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	bburke		System				knt
Boucher	Ann	aboucher.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	aboucher		System				kza
Calendar	CLE	clecalendar.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	clecalendar		System				n1y
Covington	Jim	jcoving.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jcoving		System				oap
Questions	No Stupid	questionbox.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	questionbox		System				oyl
Kohlrus	Lori	lkohlrus.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	lkohlrus		System				p3r
Intern	IBF	ibfintern.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	ibfintern		System				qza
Magdich	Paula	pmagdich.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	pmagdich		System				r18
Speedie	Thomas	tspeedie.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	tspeedie		System				r8y
Bentley	Melinda	mbentley.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mbentley		System				r1h
Gilpin	Jill	jgilpin.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jgilpin		System				rpc
Craghead	Robert	rcraghead.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	rcraghead		System				s29
Mailbox	Webmaster	webmaster.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	webmaster		System				say
Ishmael	Janice	jishmael.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jishmael		System				seh
Vonnahmen	Nancy	nvonnahmen.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	nvonnahmen		System				t6r
Kinsley	Mary	mkinsley.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	mkinsley		System				tar
Information	ISBA Shared	shared.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	shared		System				tsw
Xerox Account	ISBA	isbaxerox.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	isbaxerox		System				uq9
Havrilka	Becky	bhavrilk.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	bhavrilk		System				vhw
Williams	Joyce	jwilliams.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	jwilliams		System				vs0
Forms	ISBA	forms.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	forms		System				wli
Barringer	Douglas	dbarringer.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	dbarringer		System				x72
Todt	Brenda	btodt.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	btodt		System				xd0
Potter	Tracy	tpotter.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	tpotter		System				y64
Mailbox	Watchguard	watchguard.isba.isba	ISBA_DOM	ISBA_PO	watchguard		System				yac

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>>Well, I can't seem to get Netware to recognize the -na switch when starting from DR-DOS, which is the bundled DOS version on the 5.1 CD. I tried using standard "Edit" commands to get into the autoexec.bat file to add the switch, but it comes back always as "invalid command or directory"...even when I'm in the right place. Doing this load of server -na from a command line after a "Down" command...also doesn't seem to use the switch, the load of netware just keeps on going and going, with the same problems as before.<<

If you are interrupting the boot process to get to the C: prompt, then the config.sys and autoexec.bat have not run, so no paths have been set up.  The EDIT command is in the DOS directory, so to edit autoexec.bat you'd have to do:
C:> \dos\edit autoexec.bat

The edit is a tad different from the MS-DOS edit.com in that to exit you have to do alt+f to get to the file menu, to select save and then exit.

REM out the SERVER.EXE from autoexec.bat and save/exit, then reboot.

Then, from the C:\NWSERVER> prompt type: SERVER -NA    
Then press Enter to start with the autoexec.ncf bypassed.
Note that if you do SERVER -NS -NA  then it will bypass both startup.ncf and autoexec.ncf, and let you do a "loadstage" startup in which you can process one loadstage at a time, to see if anything is failing to load properly in an earlier loadstage, resulting in the problems after loadstage 4.

There are TIDs that describe various troubleshooting techniques using loadstage startup.  If you want to do that, let us know and we'll help.
seriochka1Author Commented:
Well, I didn't see this post up for a while, so I went ahead and re-built the server and imported the address list from above. That allowed Novell to register my post office and users properly in eDirectory and allowed me to restore the actual post office and gwia.cfg files from tape. The end result was me being able to bring my post office back on line, with all the original addresses and configurations, and e-mail to be able to flow in both directions today.

End result...users were unaware of anything happening and business is running as usual.


...Since I solved my own issue in the end, I'd normally not give points for this. But I'll go ahead and divy up the points for each respondent.
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