SD Memory card faulty. Need to recover photos

The memory card (CD Card) got wet when the camera was dropped into a stream. Ironically, the camera survived, but memory card did not. When I plug the card into a reader on my pc, it isn't recognized. I would end the effort there, but recently when I placed the card into the reader, the photo files showed up on screen for a moment. I clicked on the folder to transfer the files to the desktop, and the system freezes.....That has happened twice. Mostly, though, there is no recognition of a disk in the drive. I downloaded some freeware for data recovery, but the fact that the disk isn't recognized by the computer eliminates the possibility of that particular software.
Anyone can help here? Is there something I can try besides sending the disk out to a recovery specialist? There are just some photographs on the card from a trip that I can't get back...
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

How long has it been since the camera and card went swimming? What steps have you taken to dry the card out? If the card is not completely dry, dry it out completely, then try again, with recovery software ready to run if you can access it at all.

Other thoughts... have you tried the reader with a different card? Have you contacted the card manufacturer to get their recommendations?

Beyond that, I am afraid if the card is not accessible once it's dried completely, only the manufacturer or a data recovery company will have the tools needed to access the memory chips directly - where the data likely is intact, but the process expensive.

For recovering of camera memory cards the program we use is easy photo recovery works like a dream but it does cost $30.  Have had better success with this utility than many others.  You can try the demo from here to see if this will get them back before purchasing.  Also I have known others to have some success with this free utility.  
jalvord1Author Commented:
So far no luck. I tried the free utility, but without success. The software gives and "error reading cluster" message. I think perhaps the card is dead, and don't want to spend $$'s getting a couple of photos off of it. The card is completely dry (it's been about a year now), and the card reader works fine, as it reads other memory cards without issues. Thanks anyway. I'll wait a couple of days and see if any other possible solutions are posted.
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