Problem in Turbo Delphi 2006 with POP3 and SSL connection

I had an application compiled with Delphi 7 that did access a POP3 server in SSL mode.
I used a TIdPOP3 and a TIDSSLIOHandlerSocket component and it worked fine
Now I am migrating to Turbo Delphi 2006
I notice I have to use TIDSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL (?) component instead so I just did change that in the code...
But running the newly compiled application, it hangs forever on the Connect method on the POP3 component
What did I miss ?
Some working example ?
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try like this

UseTLS = utUseImplicitTLS
you missed a very important detail:
delphi 7 comes with indy 9. delphi 2006 comes with indy 10.
then, there is another small detail:
- was your application made in the IDE (you dropped the components on the form?) if so, chaning in code will not suffice, since you also have to change the dfm.
the solution in this case, is to open up the project in the IDE, remove the TIDSSLIOHandlerSocket, add the TIDSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL and make the necessary connections between components and property settings (values)
LeTayAuthor Commented:
In fact I know that the indy is now 10 and not 9 anymore
The component is in fact not on the form so I only had to change the definitions
The code looks like this  :
 POP3 := TIdPOP3.Create(Application);
 SSL    := TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL.Create(Application);
 SSL.ConnectTimeOut := 5000;
 POP3.IOHandler   := SSL;
 POP3.Host            := .../...
POP3.Connect;  // => Hangs here forever even with the

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get the latest version of the Open SSL dll's, as indy 10 uses those and not those from intellicom (as indy 9)
I think this is a good link: (not sure though as I never used ssl with indy 10 yet)

if that doesn't cut it, try a call to
before creteing the sslhandler
what is the value of POP3.UseTLS ?
LeTayAuthor Commented:
To dinilud
The default value, which is "utNoTLSSupport"
LeTayAuthor Commented:
To ciuly : those found on the link you sent me are older. I tried them but got EidOSSLCouldNotLoadSSLLibrary. So I restored the one I had already which are libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll. The debug show the call to libeay32.dll followed by a call th ssleay32.dll and followed by a call to rsaenh.dll then it hangs ...
i think the problem with UseTLS of POP3.

please check this link

What is the difference between implicit TLS and explicit TLS?
LeTayAuthor Commented:
To dinilud : thanks ! This UseTLS settings fixes the problem !
Just one line of code, excellent
I'll give you the points
ps : I will post a second question as now I get an error on SMTP ...
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Finally SMTP is okay as well
Many thanks to all of you
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