Blackberries stop receiving emails after mail box migration

So recently i have migrated exchange mailboxes to a new information store. the problem now is that a good portion of the users stopped receiving emails on thei blackberries. using blackberry enterprise services. tried removing and reactivating users, no good. restarted all services. any advice would be appreciated
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Almost certainly permissions.
Did you ensure that the BESADMIN account has the relevant permissions on the new server?

I use BES for Domino, so this might be different.  Do you browse to the new mailbox location when re-adding the user (seems like it might be a data "pointer" issue).
Have you tried running the handheld cleanup utility?
This issue was related to a corrupted BES registry entry which was retaining a previous password.   Recreating the string resolved the issue.
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