My exchange 2007 lost the DC, and users stay without mail. Help me!


Today when I arrived, my exchange 2007 was crazy. It not found the DC's in the LAN, and unfortunately all users stay without mail.
When I look the DNS server, I found another server out of my net, just with trust relation, but this server is in the same domain, but different site.
In exchange log, show AD TOPOLOGY error. Please, help me coz everybody stay without mail in company.


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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ping means nothing other than name resolution.
It doesn't prove connectivity in any way.

Check whether the server can actually do nslookups etc on the domain controllers. Ensure that all of the Exchange services are running and have not stopped or failed.

Anything connectivity wise mentioned in the event viewer?

Presuming that your domain controllers are still available and can be seen by the Exchange server, have you rebooted the machine?

marcoacorreiaAuthor Commented:
Hi Sembee,

I can ping all machines in the net, DC or member servers, from exchange or not, BUT, the exchange can't find the global catalog.
In my net, I've 2 DC's and both are GC, but the exchange can't find anyone.

I tried boot both dc, exchange server, but the error is the same.
marcoacorreiaAuthor Commented:
BINGO!! My problem was the dcgpofix.exe application. After the application my exchange down and cán´t find the DC.
thanks Simon for help.
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