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Paradox 7: Could not initialize BDE; Insufficient shared memory available. ERROR

I installed the borland database Engine, version 5.01.  I then installed Paradox 7.  When I click the icon to start Paradox, I get the Paradox splash screen for about half a second, then I get this error:

Could not initialize BDE; Insufficient shared memory available

When I clear the error I am back to my desktop with no Paradox running.

I am running Vista.  Now, I had this running on Vista from February until last week.  Then, my system crashed.  I reinstalled Vista but now I can't get Paradox working.  I had this same problem 9 months ago when I installed Vista, but I cannot remember what I did to fix this.

I have tried going into the BDE ADMIN and adding to the SHAREDMEMSIZE under INIT in the SYSTEM configuration.  Any suggestions?
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Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Take a look at this: http://www.gnossos.com/webhelp/13._Recommended_Paradox_7.0_BDE_Configuration_Utility_Settings.htm

I don't know if it applies to Vista, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Sorry... it's been a very long time since I used Paradox, but it's a great program. If I can find anything else, I'll post it.

markefarisAuthor Commented:
This did not help, but thanks for the suggestion.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
I assume you did a clean install of Vista, and then installed BDE and Paradox; if this isn't the case, then one possible solution would be to uninstall the BDE and Paradox and clean up the registry to remove all traces of it. There are any number of registry cleaners out there.

http://kb.corel.com/scripts/texis.exe/kb/kb/+awwFqOgd1cmaDdBaoDoBowcoSnaFy0qFqLgdGncaHGwproq5aI1oBnaWXnQmwwwweb2zqexVbdqk0GGdGacw1DqroDta7wGwmdLeuGmrd1cmaDdBaoDoBowcoSnaFy0tFqr7wGwmdL/details.html (I hope this works... otherwise, go to http://www.dtp-praxis.de/tipps/datei/d10/knowledgebase-d10a.pdf and select Paradox from the dropdown list, and enter Could not initialize BDE in the text box.

Others on the list:
http://kb.corel.com/scripts/texis.exe/kb/kb/+pwwFqOgd1cmaDdBaoDoBowcoSnaFy0qFqLgdGncaHGwproq5aI1oBnaWXnQmwwwwewtjkewVbdqN7wGwmdLasaHnDnGwcaRGd1xcn5rddBoDtaH1omntFqr7wGwmdL/details.html (Paradox troubleshooting guide)

http://kb.corel.com/scripts/texis.exe/kb/kb/+-wwFqOgd1cmaDdBaoDoBowcoSnaFy0qFqLgdGncaHGwproq5aI1oBnaWXnQmwwwwewtQjewVbdqL7wGwmdLaFy0g-HeIh5z7a-ocntFqr7wGwmdL/details.html (BDE configuration help)

But you might want to look at these:
http://hem.bredband.net/bertilisberg/paradox/errindex.htm (Paradox 7, but BDE 3.5 and it's set for Win98/NT)

http://dn.codegear.com/article/36858#ide (a discussion of installing CodeGear with Vista and reconfiguring the BDE).

http://www.ntcompatible.com/Borland_Paradox_7.0_t33526.html (has a solution that seems to be where you started listed, but there are some other steps following it that might be appropriate).

Just a thought: in reading through some of the stuff I've found, it looks like a compatability issue (i.e., Paradox 7 was written for Win98/NT and Win2K (kinda), so it has issues with Vista as Vista. I don't know Vista at all, but there seems to be some switch you can set somewhere that tells you to run BDE and/or Paradox in WinNT mode?

There might also be something going on if you have Office or Access installed: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/263561/ (talks more about Office2K, but... )

Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
So... any word on what you came up with?
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