Exchange Server 2007 Multiple Domains for same server like web hosting do how to?


My company plan buy a Exchange Server 2007 Stardand (Only one server, install all Server Hole on it, mean no the Edge Server Hole), but I am total new on this product of management, but I had other mail server management experience like hMailServer, IMail etc.. and have basic DNS knowledge about the MX record.

Now the problems for me is I want to using one Exchange Server to service mulit domain users, since my company have total five web iste, called "", "", "", "", "" etc ...

Each domain HAVE a user called Jimmy, but this Jimmy is not same as other domain 's Jimmy,

i.e. is the person not same as, just want to open a mailbox for those different user.

Now I download the 120 Days trail, and installed Exchange 2007 successful, and builded a test domain called ""

The AD DNS have this domain's IP and MX record ""

And on the DNS, I added, and added the MX Record called "" to process the mail...

How to let this Exchange to make above user? and give the, etc??

And document or stey by stey for reference?

Thank you of your time.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You either use an email address policy or you set the email addresses manually. Not both.

Therefore if you have two domains you need to set an accepted domain policy and then an email address policy for both domains. You may want to have multiple email address policies to control which email address goes to which user, using properties on the user account to control that. The wizards will guide you through it all.

-DJL-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Using the Exchange Management Console you need to add all your domains the the Accepted Domains list.

The Accepted Domains list is under Organization Configuration | Hub Transport | Accepted Domains.  Select the Authoritative Domain option.

You then need to give the users the right email addresses.

Under Recipent Configuration | Mailbox right click a user -> properties.  You will then find an E-mail Addresses tab where you can set which emails addresses the user has.  You also need to untick "Automatically update email adresses based on email address polcy"
You need to create recipient policies and add the SMTP domains for the users.
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GregMoseley - This is EXCHANGE 2007. The article that you have posted does not apply.

You need to set the domain in Accepted Domains and Email Address Policy. If you don't set both then you cannot control which email address each user gets.

explorerjimmy1979Author Commented:

Now I add the point to 100 for both user, but I still have a problems not solve.

Yes, now can added the domain, but I tested, it  will send the all mail to the Primary SMTP user account, for example, if someone send to ( Primary SMTP User), login by will received's e-mail!

It is not what I want for a different user, if he/she is not the same person.
explorerjimmy1979Author Commented:
Then how to let outside using send to, but login will received e-mail  ? I am wonder why Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 do like that!

Since while I am using hMailServer ( have not this type of problems of the user account and domains.

Thank you
If you do not control the email address policy correctly, then a user will get an email address on all of the domains. You have to set specific email address policies to control which user gets an email address for each domain.

explorerjimmy1979Author Commented:

Thx, but how to setting the policy? Can you base on above domain example, give me a step by step for me?
explorerjimmy1979Author Commented:
I had try using the e-mail address policy, but no like failed. Here are my test enviroment

I want to all e-mail send to will be received by user
send to will be received by
I already added the Accept domain "" on the Hubs Transport

1. Main AD Domain is

2. I added two user in AD, they are
Inge Tansu (First Last Name) (Alias)     ( <-- in the Exchange Primary SMTP Address

Inge Tansu2        inge.egr    ( <-- Primary SMTP Address

And I open the inge.egr user, give it addition attributes named :

Later go to Hub Transport add the E-mail address policy:

User with Exchange mailboxes
Custom attribute 1 equals Value are:

and at the end give it for SMTP and go to the user name unclick the auto update e-mail address based on email address policy

And then reenter second policy, but change it to

It look like not work for me of the two email policy ...

What is wrong on my setting?
explorerjimmy1979Author Commented:

Ok, thank you first, but I still not too understand how to setting.

Microsoft's Exchange is too big for a SME IT Support that only money to buy one server and one AD enviroment who have no experience on it, special the multi domains part.

I give up now, and just let it and based on my poor knowledge.

Do you have any good Exchange Book suggestion for me that beginner?
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