Finding dll file by  //IP Address/shared folder   or  //Computer Name/Shared Folder on Server

Posted on 2007-11-27
Last Modified: 2010-04-21
We developed business application using Oracle 10g as the database and VB.Net as front end. Application has One exe and approx 100 dll files for various forms which are called by reflection and loaded at run time.

1.  Server is Windows 2003 server which has Framework and Crsyatl reports .net runtime installed. It also has Oracle 10g database server. We created shared folder say kcpl at windows 2003 server and placed exe file and all dll files in that folder.

2..Framework and Crystal reports .net runtime are instralled at the Server and each Node

 When we copy the software .i.e  exe file and all indiividual form dll files onto the each Node separate., they work properly.  

We wish to place all the software files (exe and dll files) on the shared folder on Nerwork server which is Windows 2003 server. Shared folder is say  kcpl

We want to create short cut of the exe file at the desktop and load individual dll file by reflection by
load . ('\\IP address\KCPL\????.dll)    or by  load . ('\\Computer Name\KCPL\????.dll)

a) We have experienced that many times loading the file by using IP address  ('\\IP address\KCPL\????.dll)  gives problem and it  gives message as file not found whereas file actually is there.   Ping  of IP address is always OK of the Network computer

This problem is intermittent and sometimes it comes and sometimes it does not come. We wish to know a permamnent solution so that we never find this  ''\\IP address\KCPL\????.dll'  file not found.

b) We have experienced that many times loading the file by using Computer Name  ('\Computer Name\KCPL\????.dll)  gives problem and it  gives message as file not found whereas file actually is there.   Ping  of Computer Name is not OK in that case and we  need to add line in the Host file of that node
 ip address   computer name

and after that problem is OK.  Can u guide us the way to eradicate this writing of  manual line in the host file which is very technical aspect and cannot be done by oridnary usres. Then  our technical persons need to support them personnaly in that case.


Suresh Bansal
Noida - UP -India
Question by:suresh_bansal
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Expert Comment

ID: 20360731
It looks like a DNS problem...
See your DNS server (and rDNS) if all computers are resolved by your DNS Server
If you have not a DNS server then install one on Win2003  server.

If your network is resolving IP addresses from a DHCP server, then the shared path \\IP Address\... will not work all times. If it is a static IP address, then first see if the computer is available before you try to load the .dll
Working with Computer Name is faster and more reliable.

'// Now how do you see if the computer is available? ... Use ping within VB2005
'//'The Ping method is not a fail-safe method for determining the availability of a remote computer: the ping port on the target computer may be turned off or the ping request may be blocked by a firewall or router.
'//'The address passed to the Ping method must be DNS resolvable  

If My.Computer.Network.Ping("yourComputerBiosName",500) Then
   '//MsgBox("Server pinged successfully.")
   '//... load your .dll
   MsgBox("Ping request timed out.")
  '// loop until server is availble, also provide a exit loop condition in case it is never available
End If

'//If you do not have a DNS server(?)(!) then use the ip  
'//(Not recomented-you do this already and get errors...) '// Setup a DNS to resolve computer names)
If My.Computer.Network.Ping("",500) Then  '//where is any IP you want to use
   '//... load your .dll
end if
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Expert Comment

ID: 20360752
If you are using WINS server, I'd recoment to STOP using it (unless your network has Win98 workstations-in which case ONLY you need a WINS server)

Author Comment

ID: 20364393
Reply to AkisC  

Thanks , it seems to be reply to the problem in the right direction. Further I wish to clarify certain issues as under :-

>>It looks like a DNS problem...
See your DNS server (and rDNS) if all computers are resolved by your DNS Server
If you have not a DNS server then install one on Win2003  server.

I have not understood this DNS part and what you meen by this. I request you explain this in more detail. Presently we make small networking by Workgroup only.

2. Previously we used Windows XP Professional machine in the Workgroup as server and we found this  '\\ip address\kcpl\???.dll' file not found problem frequently. Now we changed it to Windows 2003 server but that still in the workgroup with simultaneous licensing made to 30. We did not find this problem.   I wish to seek your expert comments on this.

3. If you are using WINS server, We donot use this. But out of interest only, we wish you could explain this WINS Server in layman terms.


Suresh Bansal

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 20364593
Hi Suresh.
1.- DNS=Domain Name Server -->A DNS server will resolve IP addresses to Computer Names.
(How to install it)
From Control panel select-->Add remove programms-->then select Add remove Windows compontents (to the left)
On the window opened select -->Networking Services-->click Details... and check Domain Name System (DNS)
-have your Win2003 CD handy and click  [OK] ,[Next]. That will install a DNS server on Win2003

2.-Have you installed Active directory on Win2003(?) if not then click start-->Run and type dcpromo -->[OK]
That will open a dialog that will install a new active directory (Seek help on Microsoft-How to install the active directory) AC provides more secure environment for your network, but you need some "reading" to understand what it really does.

3.- WINS server is replaced from win2000 with the DNS system, but if your network has win98 or earlier pcs then you need to intall it as well. WINS works with DHCP server to resolve ips to computer names. A DHCP server has a range of ip addresses and all work stations that have not been configured woth a static ip, get ips from the DHCP. (DHCP server must be ONLY one for the entire network. -today's routeres have DHCP server intalled and running by default. If your router has a DHCP server, then you MUST NOT install the one on win2003)

After you install active directory you should join all workstations to the Domain created (do not confuse this Domain -with DNS -they are just named similarlly)
I supose by now, if you have never installed an active directory you are confused. But with a little more reading you will get the idea.

Now start with the first step (Install DNS). DNS will work in the background to "learn" your network. Wait for 12-24 hours so the "learning" will complete and then try to test your code.

If you still have the problem, goto to step 2 (install active directory). Wait again for 24 hours, to test your code

Some may tell that there is no need for waiting... My expirience tells Do Wait...


Author Closing Comment

ID: 31411155
Very usefull solution given. But we still could not get to know as how our problem of '\\ip address\kcl\???.dll' file not found problem solved automatically after intsalling it on Windows 2003 without installind DNS server. as explained in my point 2.

Regards and thanks

Suresh Bansal

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Expert Comment

ID: 20372678
Sorry I misunderstood your point 2.
Also my internet connection was out for 23 hours

Reading it better I undersand your question.
As the name says "Win2003 server" is a server. Probablly that is why you get no more errors.
DNS might be even installed, without knowing...
If you right click on My Computer --> Manage -then- on the window opened click on Services and Applications.
Do you see there a +DNS or +WINS (?)

And I beleive using copmuter name (instead of ip) is better

Have fun coding...

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