Taskbar seems to crash

hi there i recently bought a new acer machine and loaded it up and the taskbar seems to be not working you cant click on it at all but if i d ctrl, alt, del and load task manager it comes back to life and have to do it everytime it loads up. ive tried updating the graphics drivers and no luck and ive tried acer recovery management twice now and i have run an sfc /scannow and it gets to 98% and it come back cant fix.
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YGregersenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Geez, you should have mentioned that before.

That many beeps usually means a system RAM or Video RAM/card issue. Find ou the number of beeps and sequence (short-long beeps) to know for sure.

You could open your PC and and pull out and reseat your RAM and your Video Card.

They could be loose. Especially the video card, because they have a tendency not to seat all of the way. Do them one at a time to narrow down what the issue is.

Good luck
Right-click Start. Select Properties | Taskbar (tab). Unckeck Auto-hide the Taskbar, and make sure there IS a check in the box for Keep the taskbar on top of other windows. Click OK to accept and save these changes.
Can anything on your desktop be clicked on before you start task manager?

I remember doing pratical jokes on people where you take a screenshot of the entire desktop and use it as the backgroup wall paper. Then you put the taskbar in hide mode and make it skinny as you can plus remove or put peoples desktop short cuts out of site.

People would click on the taskbar and shortcuts which was really just one big picture and it would drive them crazy when nothing happened.

Try checking to see what your background wallpaper is set for.
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digibyte86Author Commented:
nope sorry none of these solutions help so far but thnx for helping its like the dersktop crashes aswell it goes the other way around aswell i think its a hardware issue though as the other machine loads up i get like 5 to 6 beeps and them in acer says thats means it could be a hardware fault as they have certain solutions for like the amount of beeps they say
Ah, beeps. A piece of information that definitely needs to be taken into consideration. Can you get into the BIOS and tell us which BIOS you have?

When you start the computer, how many beeps do you get, and in what sequence? For example, three long, three short or something like that.

BIOS Beep Codes for AMI (American Megatrends International), Award, and Phoenix can be found here:

digibyte86Author Commented:
hey guys i cant open the acer machine as they have the warranty stickers on the tower so can topen the thing up so i phoned acer and they agreed to take the machine back and repair it. but thnx for the information on the beeps i believe the last 2 solutions is the possible fix for this but dunno if that is the real fix so would it be ok if i accepted the last 2 solutions.

You should accept whichever solutions you feel assisted you. Good luck with the repair. Glad the unit is still under warranty.
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