How can I convert a mail files from 5.0.12 to 6.5?

Months ago, I upgraded our server from 5.0.12 to 6.5.  I converted the mail files individually.  One mail file didn't convert and I can't get it to convert.  The command I typed was:  load convert mail \user.nsf * mail6.ntf

The command looked like it converted, but when I go into Domino Admin., the file format shows R5(41:0) just for the one mail file.   What else do I need to do - the others converted fine.

Also - the events4.nsf database is also showing up R5(41:0).  Do I need to convert this one as well?

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Bill-HansonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the R6 Admin Help:

"After upgrading a server to Lotus Domino 6, you can upgrade the databases on that server to the Domino 6 database format and design (template). These two steps -- upgrading database format and upgrading database design -- are independent of each other."

In other words, the database design and on-disk-structure are not related.  They are independent.  In fact, you won't be able to update your user's local replicas without visiting each user's workstation.  But, as I understand it, updating the ODS is not required.

To update the ODS, run the compact program using copy-style compacting (ie: "compact -c <Database>").
Open up that one mail file and check the "Inherit Design Template Name" database property.  It is probably blank.  I don't think that the * wildcard works for databases that don't have this property set.

If it is, check to make sure that each of the usr's folders have the "Prohibit design replace or refresh to modfy" propety enabled.  Otherwise, they could be deleted durring the upgrade.

Next, enter the name of the OLD email template in the "Inherit Design Template Name" database property.  Then, run the "load convert mail\user.nsf * mail6.ntf" again.  That should do it.
sfriskAuthor Commented:
The Inherit Design Template was checked, but had mail6 in it.  I changed it to mail5, then ran the convert command again, it changed it to mail6 in the database property, but still showing up under file format (41:0).  Will the nightly processing change it?  

Also, do I do this for the events4.nsf database?  What is the template for version 6?
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The ODS should not change when you refresh the design.  They are independent.

Regarding the events4.nsf database, I don't think so.  Ours is still at "StdR4Events".
sfriskAuthor Commented:
All of the rest of the databases show file format (43:0), except that one.  Ours is "StdR4Events" too, so I'm not going to worry about that one.
sfriskAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
The others were probably ODS-upgraded by a schedule COMPACT command
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