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I live in one country when electricity goes off , when it comes on, i always need to set the time and date on my deksop, could it be battery failure?
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ArtieGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is definitely the CMOS Battery then. You'll have to get the information off the battery itself and get a replacement for it. Changing the battery itself is very easy to do. Simply pop the old one out and drop the new one in. Done.

Here is an article about changing CMOS batteries though if you need more info.

What's the date getting reset to?
If that is a fixed date (like 1/1/2007 or something like that), the CMOS battery has gone down. It's a easy / cheap thing to replace.
If it is not getting reset to a fixed date in the past, can you find some sort of logic to it? like it's going back x hours or something like that?

It could be the battery on the motherboard. You will see a small round flat battery that looks similar to a watch battery.

If that battery is dead then when the power goes out the time would not continue to be managed by your motherboard.
zibidijaAuthor Commented:
reseting to year 2000 yeah same date always
zibidijaAuthor Commented:
thanx a lot i replaced the battery and its working fine..

good jjob
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