MS Outlook and Amicus Atorney

Recently problem occurred with Amicus Attorney and MS Outlook. Every time when AA is opened and email checked (send/reactive) MS Outlook will send and reactive, but after that will not. Clicking on send/reactive will do nothing.
I repaired Outlook, check system files and AA database but that did not help. Only way to bring outlook back to work is to restore windows to an earlier day and then will work. (I would just bring it one day earlier)
After unsuccessful search for answer I found that one of email was shoving in AA address book like this “ <>” That was only one that was shoving like above and others was have only first part
 I correct it by removing second part. Now problem is still on, but not often and I could get email working by going in task manager and end outlook processes. That will get Outlook working again. I show user how to do it and problem now is not major, but it is very annoying.
Office has two Computers and laptop. This happened only on one computer and on that computer is installed Amicus Attorney Administrator and data base. This computer and Laptop running Windows XP Pro SP2, other computer running Windows 2000 pro and it is almost not used. (Just spare PC for temp employ and backup)
All computers have IP given by router and it is DSL high speed internet. E-Mail is POP and no MS exchange or server. All software have proper license and registrations.
Pleas help me find solution for this problem.
Thank you.
PS. If this question is in wrong zone, please let me know where I should post it.

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grujiczoranAuthor Commented:
Hello to evryone.
I'm so sorry for so late answer and response. I have bin workin on it when ever I got time and continuesly one thing at the time. In time other computers was geting same problem.  of things going So I will make long story shorter.
Problem was MSXML 6.0 praser (KB936181). Once I removed it problem was gone. I install it again and problem repaired.  So removing MSXML 6.0 fixed problem. I looked in AA knowledge base and could not find anything regarding it. Computers running good and do not have any problems so far. MSXML 4.0 SP2  is installed and is required for PCLaw. Im not sure if this is absolutely correct, but it did get rid of annoying problem
Thank you all :)

Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi grujiczoran,

If I were you, I would contact the developers of Amicus Attorney for support. I used to do some consulting work for law firms and I've had no end of trouble with that application.   You may be looking at getting a patch or upgrading.
grujiczoranAuthor Commented:
Thank you jason1178 for your sugestion. My client does not pay for their support. I'm surs problem is litle as only one machine have it. However it my be something we will need to do. For now we would like to solve it our selfs if posible.
Thank you again.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
My larger point is that I don't think it is possible to fix it yourself because of the way AA attempts to integrate with Outlook.  That's why I recommend you contact the developer.

If you are dead set on trying it yourself, I would uninstall both AA and MS Office and also clean the registry of any leftover keys from either application, then do a complete reinstall of Office, then AA.
grujiczoranAuthor Commented:
Hello jason1178,
I have bin having in mind to uninstall AA and MS Office and reinstall it way you suggested, but I was hopping that somebody all ready have similar or same problem. Holiday is coming and I will possible do it then.
For now I will have question open in case somebody come up with answer. Also I would like to ask you if you have any idea or what you think, what could create that problem?
I like to say that problem like this are great opportunity to learn new thinks and gather experience. Since this does not create any downtime and I got OK to take as many time as I need to fix it on my own, I would really like we find source of it  and solution.

PS. I believe this question is worth more points. Can I increase it and how I can do it if is possible?
Thank you a lot.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
>> Also I would like to ask you if you have any idea or what you think, what could create that problem?

As I said, AA has a lot of problems.  It's not the most well-written software out there and I think it just generates errors as a result.

>> PS. I believe this question is worth more points. Can I increase it and how I can do it if is possible?

No, the maximum for any question is 500 points.
grujiczoranAuthor Commented:
Hello again,
I make typing mistake. sory for it.
"computers was geting same problem.  of things going So I will make
long story shorter."
Should be
"computers was geting same problem. AA have a lot of good and bad, so I will make a long story shorter."
Sory again:)
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