Where to sell, or recycle non-OEM cartridges and toners

The title and keywords say it all. To who can I recycle, or sell non-OEM empty printer cartridges and toners?

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mystics7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can bring them to an near by staples or Best Buy and they have bins there to throw them in and they get recycled
ARTambConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can go to http://www.inkbrite.com/pages.php?pageid=7 that accept it all, hope it helps!
Showaski39Author Commented:
Really? I'd have to check some nearby Staples or Best Buy then. I have like 13 empty non-OEM toners. Should I toss the boxes they came in, and just take the toners alone? I've never done this before. I've only shipped out empty OEM ones to be recycled/sold.
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Showaski39Author Commented:
I'll probably go with a local store, as it's not worth it for us to send these out for discounted cartridges from their website. Thanks a lot for the responses, again should I take the toners alone. I do have like 13 of them in their boxes.
you can keep them in the box or a he plastic so an toner/ink does not get on your hands or car when bringing them over.
Always use a local store if possible, I have found that not all Staples, officemax or OfficeDepot accept all all cartridges. I would recommend calling first , some even give a partial credit towards new cartridges as well.
Showaski39Author Commented:
I took them to a local Office Max. They credit you $3 dollars for ea., and you can bring in five a day. Up to $15 dollars store credit/discount a day. It doesn't accumalate though. I'll get ride of five more tomorrow. Thanks for the responses!
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