Outlook clients not redirected after mailbox move

Hi Experts,

I am in the process of moving some mailboxes between two Exchange 2K3 SP2 servers in the same domain, site and Exchange org. The source server is an SBS 2K3 R2 server, the other a std Windows 2K3 Server with Exchange 2K3 SP2.

When mailboxes are moved, clients mail profiles do not automatically reconfigure themselves to point to the new Exchange server as they should - it needs to be done manually. This is obviously going to cause me big headaches so help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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I am currently moving mailboxes between 2 Exchange 2k3 servers and have not had the issue you are describing.

How are you moving the mailboxes? are you using the Mailbox Move Wizard in ESM?

You need to have the old Exchange server and services running on the old server in order for the profile to update automatically in a standard Windows/Exchange setup. I am not sure if SBS is different in this respect but give that a try.
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georgemasonAuthor Commented:
Yes I've moved two test accounts from the ESM using the mailbox move wizard. Have done this before and it redirected fine, which is why I'm asking!

Not entirely sure of the mailbox move process behind the scenes so not sure where to start troubleshooting the issue. Obviously it will make it a far more painful process if each user has to reconfigure their mail profile ...
georgemasonAuthor Commented:
Old server is up and running, and services are all started.
SBS might be different I haven't worked with it much and not since Ex 5.5 days. Maybe try the profile updater but someone with more SBS experience should have the answer.

Exchange Profile Update tool (EXPROFE) - this allows the Outlook profile to update automatically
georgemasonAuthor Commented:
I seem to have worked it out - the Exchange organisation was in mixed mode, converted to native mode and it seems to be working. Thanks to all for your contributions nonetheless.
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