access databse slow over the network

We have created Access database and put it on the srever (windows 2003 Server) when we try to query database it takes ages. . Once we put it on lacal computer query returns Immediately.
We have put Front end database (forms) on each client and back end (tables) on the server and it is still slow. thanks
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ajkampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The response time is good. Have you tried running the front end on the server box? The server may be busy or overloaded (not likely but it's possible) which is causing the lag.

I assumed you optimized your design to run over the network, but if not check these links:

What is your network utilization? It very well could be a latency issue with your network and not necessarily MS Access.
aucklandnzAuthor Commented:
i dont have any tools to monitor the the network is not very big (around 30 users)

when i ping the server where databse is, im getting :
Reply from 192.168.x.x: bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

any recommendations  ?
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