How to use my 5 static IP's

I have an SBC Global Business DSL line with 5 static IP's.

How do I put the other 4 to use?
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Michael WorshamConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The following routers are known to work with the SBC/Ameritech 5 Static IP PPPoE-delivered package, allowing use of all 5 IPs on your LAN. Any router that supports PPPoE and mapping addresses across to the LAN works.

SBC/Ameritech 5 Static IP-Compatible Routers

Note: The stock Linksys, DLink, SMC and stock Netgear products will not work.
What kind of router do you have? Are you going to have any servers on your network? If you are just setting up a network to access the internet you would only need to use 1 ip address and just not worry about the others. If you are only setting up a small server you still only need 1 ip.
Michael WorshamInfrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
What vendor/model modem did SBC supply you with?

To my knowledge, the only vendor-supplied modem/router that can handle multiple static IP addresses is the Netopia ones.
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You can put it in transparent mode and then assign your IPs to a device such as a sonicwall.  Within the sonicwall you can assign multiple IPs for different services etc
I'm with getzjd. In transparent mode (bridge) it should be possible to use all assigned IPs just from ethernet. But it depends on how the carrier will set it up, so it's really good to know who is your ISP and what kind of router they sell/give to customers.
itsluyAuthor Commented:
Currently I have a Linksys WRV200. This is setup for my VPN tunnel between work and home.

I also have an Smoothwall appliance (installed on an old IBM 365 and a couple of simple Dlinks wbr-1310's.

I'd like to setup a few different things:

1) VOIP server
2) A web server.
3) ms office 2007 communications server
4) An exchange 2007 server
5) Spare IP for testing

I've contacted AT&T and they've mentioned that they can only help set up if I'm using their equipment (2wire all in one DSL gateway). I've found these (the 2wire's) to be less stable/reliable than just a simple DSL modem. When the last one I had died for no reason I decided to switch to the SpeedStream which is easy to bridge (unlike the 2wire) and is available at any radio shack (also unlike the 2wire).

Any suggestions? I "could" order the 2wire and just use their instructions, however I cannot afford for the DSL line to go down because the 2wire router's stability.
itsluyAuthor Commented:
Oh, and I've tried the transparent mode. Basically it was:
Bridged Modem > Switch > 2 different routers
Both routers obtaining a static ip with PPPoE. This did not work for the second one just the first.
Seem the way ATT has it setup, it's their way or the highway...
WRV200, does it support NAT mappings?
Michael WorshamInfrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
AT&T not offering the Netopia Business Class modem/router anymore? These were the easiest things to setup for multiple static IP addresses and were pretty reliable.
getzjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Bridged modem > switch . 2 routers ... I do not think that would work with PPPoE Nor does the WRV200 support one-to-one NAT mappings so I know of no way to support multiple IP's with what you currently have.  I would call AT&T and ask them about a netopia.  If you have business class, that should be an option.I just had them out this week to replace a faulty one and we have them at 2 other sites in different states.

Transparent will work fine (netopia or with your current setup) as long as you have a device behind it which will support one-to-one NAT thus allowing multiple IP's to be assigned to one box.

I guess i am also curious as to why you need to use all the IPs and could not just get by with port forwarding

itsluyAuthor Commented:
one to one NAT is what i'm missing here.

getzjd, you're right I could get by with Port Forwarding and most likely I will end up doing that. I guess I just wanted to get what I'm paying for :)
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