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Why is a bluetooth dongle not recognized in a USB port?

I'm using a Belkin F8T012 bluetooth dongle.  I've installed the drivers without a problem.  The dongle is plugged into the USB port on the front of my case, which is an Antec P182.  

If I move the dongle to the USB port on the side of my monitor (HP LP1965), XP starts the "New Hardware" wizard and asks for the drivers.  

Why dooes this happen?  How can I get Windows to recognize that the drivers have been installed when I plug it into the USB port on the side of the monitor, or any other USB port for that matter?

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
Usually if windows had successfully installed a USB device, it will works the same with other USB ports
In this case, I suspect the Monitor USB port, or the USB cable connected the Monitor to your PC, does not work properly ( cable misplugged, USB cable is too long...)

- Try with other USB devices.

- If the same problems, then the Monitor USB port/cable is improperly set up. Try to replug the USB cable between your PC and Monitor, or plug on another USB port on HP monitor, or replace the cable...

- If ok, then there there is something wrong with either USB Belkin or windows. You may want to view event log for further details ( if any)

kemckayAuthor Commented:
I have the dock for my IPod shuffle plugged into the other USB on the side of the monitor, and it has no issues.

Also, since Windows regonizes the device when I plug it into the monitor, it can't be a monitor problem.  The problem is that Windows doesn't recognize the drivers when I plug the device into a different USB port.

Could it be a COM problem?

Grasping at straws...
Nothing is wrong.  Just plug it into every port and install the drivers for every port.  Then it won't ask you again.

Your dongle is not the only product that works this way.  

kemckayAuthor Commented:
Thanks AntecChris.  I figured I could do that, but I thought there might be an easier solution.

I've just installed the software on every port and that's fixed the issue.

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