iPlanet re direction of web pages


I have a url www.abc.com

I would like to redirect this url to an exisitng url www.xyz.com/a/b hosted on a iPlanet webserver

However upon simple DNS redirection - I got an error - 500 "Unable to process request"

What change needs to be done on iPlanet web server to allow redirect requests from other URLS

and how can I forward the request to a sub directory on the web server /a/b
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darron_chapmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have access to edit the default document on www.abc.com?  You could edit that file and add this to the <HEAD> tag:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=www.xyz.com/a/b">  

This would redirect any requests to www.abc.com to www.xyz.com/a/b
mudugoseAuthor Commented:

Unfortunatelythere is nod efault document for www.citirewards.com

It is purely a URL

robocatConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In the iPlanet Administrator, edit your webserver and go to virtual server class -> manage ->virtual servers -> add virtual server (this path may differ depending on your version)

Add a new virtual server that listens to the www.abc.com url.

This virtual server will have a document root directory associated with it. In this directory, put a html file as suggested above.

For URL redirection, you need to make necesary entry in obj.conf file in the iPlanet web server.

Do let me know if you would need sample entries?.

Here is the sample code that can do the job.

<Client urlhost="www.testonline.de">
NameTrans fn="redirect" from="/" url-prefix="http://www.test.de/test/test/portal/Index.do"
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