Usb ports put out power but nothing is recognized.

I just bought a used Fujitsu T3010 off ebay. It is a tablet pc.

My problem is that the usb ports put out power but do not recognize anything being inserted in the ports. I know they are putting out power because when I attach my PDA the charging light comes on but the device is not recognized by the operating system. It is like nothing was ever inserted. No " bleep" sound like when a new device is plugged in, not even a single message or anything.

I have gone into the Device Manager and looked at the usb root hub listings to see if they recognize anything but they do not. It says there is 0 ma being drawn fromt he port. ( There is more than that because the PDA is charging.)

Does this sound like a dead usb port to allt he experts out there? I need to know so i can try getting an exchange from the seller i bought it from. i only have a couple days to send it back.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
any errors in device manager?
if not, delete all usb entries from device manager, reboot and test
ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you may want to try booting the system from a Live Linux CD, like Knoppix or Ubuntu and see if the USB port(s) work in that environment. If "yes", you have a windows (drivers) issue, if "no" you have a hardware issue. Also, a check of BIOS setup settings may be a good idea, if there happens to be a way to disable the port(s) from there.
pmrussell892Author Commented:
I should have added that the computer has no cd or floppy drives.
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pmrussell892Author Commented:
I also have removed the usb ports from the device manager and rebooted. The ports are added when i reboot
and does it work or not ? otherwise try a knoppix live cd and test the usb ports :
pmrussell892Author Commented:

I cannot use a knopix live cd, I do not have a cd or floppy drive attached to this computer. It is an ultra portable tablet pc.
sorry - then i can't help you
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