sonicwall firewall backup

i have a t1 that comes thorugh our sonicwall 4050 i have also a dsl line that comes in to our compnay as a backup but was never setup. I also have anotehr firewall not beeing used can I setup the other firewall with teh dsl connection and have it failover manuall or auto if teh internet goes down for the t1. also i have a website and email internal so the namesecure names point to the firewall ip. how woudl this work on a failover to the otehr firewall i do not think i can have the same ip because it is a dsl line what is teh best way to make sure this works
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You need to have the EnhancedOS for the Sonicwall to have High Availability and Fail over.
   Do you mean that your sonicwall 4050 does not have fail over load balance feature? If yes, would you write a script in these two servers to check that which one is fail and point deault gateway to another one? Thank you.

zenworksbAuthor Commented:
how do i know if it has teh failover load balance feature
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zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i got on my firewall and i see hardware failover i am inthere how do i set this up to go to my dsl if it fails and how will taht work because the email and websites point to teh outside ip adress and that i believe is teh t1
What OS version is running on the appliance? It is ether StandardOS or EnhancedOS.

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zenworksbAuthor Commented:
sonicOS Enhanced
on both?
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
oh not sure about the other one would have to bring that up and check about that
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i do not knwo teh password to teh other firewall i will unpack it and get it plugged in then how do I default it out so that i can login to it
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
the firewall i took out of the box is a 3060
I have setup internet load balancing/internet connection failover and even hardware failover on 3060 unit's before with enhanced firmware.  I am guessing the 4050 will be quite similer.
Just to set the Scene.  Normally the x0 interface is the lan, x1 is your primary internet connection and x2 to x5 are unused (this is for a 3060, 4050 might be slightly different)
To setup internet failover you would set your second connection up on the x2 interface and configure it to be able to connect
Then go into the failover tab which is right under network connections where you setup the interface.
In here you have the option of setting up failover and various forms of load balancing.  Set the E1 connection as the primary and the dsl as secondary (be aware if you are load balancing and have a mail server, you will need to make considerations for email coming out of the dsl connection and spam mesures).  There is also a section to configure IP's which the sonicwall can ping on each connection to determin if the connection is alive or not so it can trigger failover.

To configure hardware failover the requirements are higher.  You need to have identical unit's and your internet connections must be able to have static IP's set on the sonicwall interface (PPPoE etc cannot work, for DSL you need to use a modem in half bridge mode in front of the sonicwall)
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