BIOS is not running on power on


I've recently upgraded my P5LD2 SE/C motherboard to a P5LD2 Deluxe motherboard.  All of the PCI cards, memory, processor (Core 2 Duo, which Asus say is supprted), graphics card (PCI-E 16x) and hard drives are the same.

The problem I have, is that upon switching on there doesn't appear to be a BIOS, as all i get is a blank screen.  No system beeps or anything.  I've checked that the CLRTC jumper is correctly installed.

Anything else I should try before i send the board back as faulty?

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you have connected both connections of the powersupply to the board (also the small square 4 pin one).
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and test with all devices disconnected, leave only mobo + cpu +1 ram stick, video card, PS
if still nothing swap the connected devices
check also if your cpu is correctly installed
h1_philAuthor Commented:

I will try your solution when I get home tonight.  My last motherboard didn't have the 4 pin extension plugged in, so I didn't plug it for the new board either.  How do you know whether to plug the 4 pin bit in or not?
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Those boards that have such a plug, need it, those that have that plug missing, don't need it.
h1_philAuthor Commented:
Hi guys

I tired both of your suggestions last night and still no success.  Any other suggestions?
i fear you have a dead mobo - DOA
h1_philAuthor Commented:

I've found out that only version 2 of this board will run core 2 duo.  Mine is V1.02.  

Why my manual says it does support dual core processors I do not know!

Thanks for your help anyway
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