Unpated incorrect drivers on Dell box for xp. USB controller seems to be in trouble cannot use mouse keybord to roll back driver install

I re-build my system everthing backed up excecpt for system was not complete. Last job was sourcing drivers from dell. I updated an intel system board driver. The PC boots up up the keyboard and mouse willl not work think the usb controller is screwed. when the pc is booting up the keyboard and mouse work long enough to press F8 etc. but as soon as windows kicks in the light goes off on keyboard and mouse the system loads ok to desktop but cannot use keyboard and mouse to go back to a previous resotre point. the following are the steps I have tried

1. Press F8 go to safe mode. Same problem as soon as windows loads light goes off keyboard and mouse willl not work
2. Press F8 went to option last know good configuration-- same issue
3. Booted from xp boot disk went to do a windows repair as soon as I get to the first screen to choose option for expample press enter to re-install windows. the light on the keyboard and mouse goes off again.

In real trouble here spent 8 hours building system for my work tommorow all files backed up but no system backup. At this stage would re-install xp if I could

1. Loaded in safe
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Could you try to run repair XP installation?
fusion3194Author Commented:
Thanks for reply

sorry tried that did not log it. When boot from the xp disk I get the same issue when I come to the first screen when all drivers are load. I cannot use the keyboard to select the item press enter to install windows the step before you come ot repair. I was trying to come up with solution one would be to pruchase a PCI USB controller and see if the drivers would load. The second option would be to try and connect remotely but I am sure I did not enable the permision on that box to do so. I curse DELL for not having ps2 keyboard connectin. Any comments would be greatly appreciated
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You can have a check under CMOS and make sure the USB Port is get "Enable" ...... so that you are able to use the USB port which connected to your Keyboard and mouse ......... Hope this help .....
What is Dell model? some of them will have PS/2 keyboard built-in onboard...take a look on motherboard see if you could find one.
or try another keyb / mouse.
fusion3194Author Commented:
Thanks all for comments was off site all day from work thats intresting about the ps2 on board going to check that now. on the issue of CMOs and usb. That is enabled, tried different keyboard on mouse detailed on orignal explaination. Here is something I am going to try would appreciate your imput.

Step 1 take harddrive out of machine.
Step 2. Put HD in different machine will try and keep to similar machine type.
Step 3. Boot off system partition.
Step4 XP will recogise new machine and will hopefully load default drivers.
Step 5 keyboard and mouse should work
Step 6 log on in safe mode
Step 7 Restore back to previous restore point.
Step 8 Resotre the restore point and stop on reboot
Step 9 Put back in orignal machine and all should be well.

No disrespect for delay in comment as I mentioned my work had me off site all day.
if you swap XP to new hardware, look here :
http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/moving_xp.html                  Moving XP
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/249694                                "         "   

i doubt strongly step 9 ...
fusion3194Author Commented:
Just to let ye know tried solution in my commnet re take out and put in to different machine completed system resotre did not let machine boot up swaped the drive back into orignal machine and all was ok
that is normal, since it did not boot - it could not do anyhting to it . .
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