Need help choosing the appropriate AVG anti-virus.

I have a company running Small Business Server with Exchange.  I need an AVG anti-virus that will run on the server and the workstations.  I want to deploy it from the server and administer all the workstations from the server.  I attempted to find this information on the AVG site, but there seemed to be multiple products that would do this.  Could someone please give me their opinion on my situation.
Brian Jones
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NetAdminGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you will need the SBS version.  If you buy the Network edition you will also have to buy the exchange version for the mail server, not a friendly price model.  SBS has this all in one.  SBS is intended for desktops, notebooks, file servers and email servers.  It has central admin that pushes the AV to the clients and then monitors for updates and can alert by email on infection etc... very flexible and intended for MS SBS.  If you proceed, they make 2 year pricing VERY attractive.  Most contracts I've signed have been 2 year agreements so budget accordingly is my advice.  I have been using Grisoft AVG for years...very satisfied and as long as I've kept my AVG updates updated (automatic) and Windows updates (WSUS) current, I've never been touched.
Jeff BrownGlobal Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
Do you want  Antivirus only?
malware protection??

bsj1170Author Commented:
we only need antivirus
Worried about phishing attacks?

90% of attacks start with a phish. It’s critical that IT admins and MSSPs have the right security in place to protect their end users from these phishing attacks. Check out our latest feature brief for tips and tricks to keep your employees off a hackers line!

On their website, there are 4 products.
AVG free antivirus, Avg free anti-spyware, avg anti-rootkit free and AVG Internet Security
AVG Internet Security is an all-in-one product and includes all the 1st three products, anti spam feature and a firewall.
there's nothing more u can ask, so better go for it.

bsj1170Author Commented:
They have an entire line of enterprise items.  

I recently started buying the AVG Pro line of products for my customers.
For 'large' Enterprises, I still recommend McAfee ePO - but - AVG has done a great job for me.

Note the "SBS" version that they are selling. I haven't tried it yet but maybe someone here has.

I'd also be interested to hear any comments from anyone who has used AVG in a 75-100 computer network.

Good Luck,
bsj1170Author Commented:
I see the link for the network edition, does that go on the workstations as well.  I need something for the entire network, do I need to run separate anti-virus on the workstations or just the server?
The 'server-based' application manages the 'computer-based' installations.
This is the common configuration for any 'Enterprise' version of network Anti-virus.

From the server (or console) you can configure/manage/collect reports on all the individual computers.
Usually, the server version can push out the install to all of the network computers - if they don't already have the local version installed.

The concept is great whether you're managing 10 or several thousand local workstations.
bsj1170Author Commented:
The network edition, will that work on SBS with Exchange because I do not see that in the compatibility on their site?
BTW...younghv, I manage over 500 seats and no issues.  AVG Admin can manage per user or per station and per group, handles everything McAfee does (I heard early rumors that Grisoft leased McAfees engine to get started...HAVE NO IDEA if there is any validity in that) from AV, firewall, malware etc. all from the central console.  It is very flexible in the central admin piece, you can seperate the modules out that push the updates, install the remote clients, database can be firebird, MSDE (now express I think) and SQL (which I have to use due to size restaints on the others)  Due to this flexibility you can get into a complex install or follow the KISS rule.  On the con side...I've rarely needed them, but when I do, Grisoft's support is very slow process.  I usually fire off the request and forget while I go try to figure out myself...I usually win. (which means they are really slow)
Hope this helps. Sorry bsj1170...not related to your question I guess...  
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