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Hi all,

I would like to learn development in JSF, since I only knew JSP and older Java Servlet.
I've deployed the JBoss system on My Windows Xp machine, and am using it as a dev server. I can easily host JSPs on it. However, I don't know how to host JSF on it.
I was reading over RoseIndia.net's tutorial, which aided me in a good night's rest for the last 3 to 4 days, with that I started on a new JSP file with the traditional 'hello world' in a text box.

The problem arose when I try to deploy it, I am not sure how. Is it just like your normal JSP file? Or do I need to include some special directories. Then I went online to search for some help, and I found out that JBoss 4.0.5 GA (the version I am using) support MyFaces.

Does anyone have a step by step tutorial to deployment of JSF on JBoss 4.0.5 GA and a guide to what else I need to do to tweak that JBoss system so it works fine with the latest JSF?
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SamsonChungConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved the problem....

Apparently Stupid JBoss 4.0.3  to 4.0.5 is packaged with MyFaces from Apache. which is equivalent to JSF 1.1.

The reason I was able to run my JSF application on the Sun application Server and not on JBoss 4.0.5 is simply because of this.

SAS is on 1.2 already, and the J2EE of SAS 9 is J2EE 5, while JBoss is still on J2EE 1.4

To allow the jsf program to run normally, edit web.xml and add the following lines.

This redirects the listener to myfaces and not standard JSF 1.2

A side note, if you bundle your WAR with JSF 1.2 files, it might fail. Mine did.

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JSF is actually a framework to help J2EE applications that use JSP and Enterprize Java Beans. Its not the same as JSP, however it does use JSP files. Page navigation in JSF is controlled in the faces-config.xml file and other configurations are controlled in web.xml file. JSF was created because Enterprize applications need to decouple the web tier from the application tier when deployed in the production environment. Advisable if you could get a book on JSF instead. Pay close attention to the JSF lifecycle.
It is really a similar process, as it's based on JSP. The additional step is that you will need to deploy your JSF jar files, such as the myfaces files. Try these links.


Try this step-by-step tutorial. . .


SamsonChungAuthor Commented:
The problem I am running into is actually simple, yet difficult.

I have JBoss 4.0.5 G.A. JSP works perfectly.

I took the tutorials from Coreservlets.com, roseindia.net, etc.. and attempted to deploy it on the JBoss GA.. all ends up Exception Generation.

Would it be because I don't have 'my faces' jar?
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