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PIX Config change

I have a PIX 515 running version 6.3(4) of the IOS.
I need to change the IP address of my mail server and there is a line in the config i need to change but can't.
The line is:

static (inside,outside) *external IP* *internal IP* netmask 0 0

I need to change the internal IP address but if i try to remove this line or add another it fails on the static word.

Any ideas on how i can edit this line?

1 Solution
To remove the line copy and paste it back into the configuration but with the 'no ' keyword infront.
You can then enter the new command with the modifed IP address.
Are you in config mode?  Your prompt should look like this:


If you have the "#" prompt at the end and it says (config), then you should be able to issue the "no" form of the static command to remove it.  In other words,

no static (inside,outside) *external IP* *internal IP* netmask

and then type the static command back in with the new value(s).
i have to agree with batry_boy.  typically when this happens to me, i'm in a hurry to make a simple change and sometimes forget to put myself in config mode first.
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nealerocksAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your responses guys.
However i am in config mode and i have tried typing the whole line with "no" in front of it.

It give me an error and the little arrow points to the word static.
Try clearing your existing xlates first with the command:

clear xlate

and then try removing it again.  If that doesn't work, I would reload the PIX and try again.
nealerocksAuthor Commented:
I tried the clear xlate command but it wont accept it. i tried in config mode and normal mode.
the error is the word clear. is there another command to clear the xlate?
nealerocksAuthor Commented:
when i try clear xlate in enable mode the error points to xlate.
i typed clear ? and xlate did not show up in the list of available commands.
OK, something weird is going on the output of the "show version" command, please.
nealerocksAuthor Commented:
Holy shit, i'm the dumbest person in the world! i had the console cable plugged into the wrong port. that is why the commands were not working. i plugged it into the router by mistake which sits on top of the pix.
sorry guys.

Thanks for your help batry. im going to give you the points because i had the right commands from the beginning, i just noticed the problem when you asked for the show version output.
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