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My site is on a virtual dedicated server, hosted by godaddy.

For the past week, we're having a problem where the site will go completely down – usually for about 2-10 minutes at a time, but it happens several times a day.  Obviously this is becoming a real problem both for us and our customers.

Godaddy doesn't offer support for a virtual dedicated server, and I don't have anyone on staff with server administration experience.

Godaddy did offer two suggestions:  1.  when the site goes down, we reboot our server.  2. Check our error logs to see if we can figure out reason why this keeps happening.  

My questions for you are:
1.  How do we "reboot our server"?  What does that entail?

2.  Do you think my only solution is to hire someone with server admin experience who can read the error logs for me?  Is there an online resource where I can go and try to figure it out myself?

Many thanks.

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WodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How do I restart(reboot) my server with Plesk?

1.      Click the REBOOT button on the Server administration page.

2.      Plesk warns you that the system will be restarted and asks you to confirm your choice, for safety purposes. Click OK to reboot, or CANCEL to keep the server up.

Rebooting the server via the Plesk interface also reboots the operating system and anything else running on the server.
Which operating system and web server does your virtual server use ?

If it is Linux, do you know how to log in your shell using an SSH client (putty for example:

if you know how to log in to your shell and it uses Linux, you could look at the logs in /var/log/
maybe in the file: "syslog" or "error_log" or httpd log.. (the name can change)

I can be more helpful once I know what software  the server is using..

artellaAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I should have included that info!

It is LINUX.  But I am not familiar with how to log into the shell using an SSH client.
The only way I know how to log into the server at all is through the PLESK admin panel.  But I don't know how to use PLESK to "re-boot the server" as godaddy suggested.

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artellaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this -- I found the button.
One question before I do this -- when I do the reboot, does that take the site down, temporarily?  or is the live site not disturbed?
Yes, it takes the site down temporarily (probably a minute or 2 depending on the speed of the server), but it will come back up automatically.

artellaAuthor Commented:
Thank you - I'll give this a try and let you know how it goes --
artellaAuthor Commented:
One more question, Wod --
Is there any risk of losing any data, with a reboot?
no, it should end all processes gracefully
Forced accept.

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