active directory group policy

I need to setup in group policy to have our users not servers or pc's, when they login to have their my documents sent to a server \\servername\users\%username% so we can back them up and we want to exclude .wav, .mp3 and any other audio files. how can i set this up in grou policy?
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-DJL-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The option to set folder redirection is under User Configuration\Windows Settings\Folder Redirection.

I'm not aware of a way to exclude file types via group policy.
scripttron75Author Commented:
the filter part needs to come from group policy
You can't filter my documents in group policy - its all or nothing
If you have a suitable anti-virus program like McAfee you could stop users saving .mp3 files but other than that ???
You might find some quota mangement software capable of filtering files types - but that'll cost you.
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