Setup VLAN on Netware 6.5 with Cisco Switch

I have a Netware 6.5 server with a Intel PRO1000 NIC.  It is plugged into a Cisco 4560 switch.  Most of my clients are in VLAN1 right now and I want to start moving users into different vlans.  What I would like to do is keep VLAN1 and the IP address of my server the same but add VLAN 160 with another IP address to the same NIC.  I am aware that I need to load IANS drivers.  

So this is my autoexec.ncf file.

LOAD CE1000.LAN SLOT=702 FRAME=Ethernet_II NAME=CE1000_3_EII
LOAD CE1000.LAN SLOT=701 FRAME=Ethernet_II NAME=CE1000_2_EII
load iANS vlanid=1 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_1_ii team=1
load iANS vlanid=160 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_160_ii team=1
bind iANS CE1000_4_EII team=1
load iANS commit team=1
BIND IP vlan_1_ii addr= mask= gate=
BIND IP vlan_160_ii addr= mask= gate=

With this setup a PC on VLAN 160 can ping but a PC on VLAN1 CANNOT ping  Now if I take out the VLAN1 piece and just tell it to BIND IP CE1000_4_EII addr= mask= gate= I can ping from a PC in VLAN1 but I cannot ping from a PC in VLAN 160.

Any thoughts on this problem?  Now I do have a second NIC card in this server.  Would it just be best to configure the IP address of this card to be on VLAN 160, then on my switch set the port to static VLAN 160?  I guess then all of my clients that know to connect to my server via the ip would have issues?  Is this where SLP comes into play?

Any help would be appreciated.  I am hitting a wall here.
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It only worked on one of the VLAN BINDs though, didn't it?

Here's more detailed info on IANS.  It essentially says for each IANS BIND you need a COMMIT, so I'd recommend trying the recommit...
How many NICs do you have? 4?

Anyway, did you connect to a switch port configured as a tagged port / trunk port?  Essentially, by using Advanced Network Services (ANS) with VLAN commands, you're creating a multihomed, multinetwork NIC - so you have to make the switch behave as though that switch port is connected to multiple lines so to speak - so it can trunk multiple VLANs.

It looks like your commands are good, at first glance, so take a look at the switch port.  Cisco calls it a trunk port.

Snippet from Intel's website page on iANS on NetWare:
In order to function properly, the adapters configured for VLAN must be connected to a "tagged" port (called a
trunk port by Cisco) on an 802.1q capable switch.

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teecee33Author Commented:
I have 3 ethernet ports on this server.  1 embedded and 2 via PCI-X card.

I will post the switchport config tomorrow but I doubt that is the issue since I am able to get VLAN 160 to work via onyl changing the autoexec.ncf plus I have MUCH more experience wit VLANS and cisco products than I do with Netware.

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teecee33Author Commented:
Here is the config on the port.

interface GigabitEthernet3/19
 description server-nemo
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport trunk pruning vlan none
 switchport mode trunk
I wonder if after you bind IP to the VLAN interfaces you need to do a "LOAD iANS recommit team=1"

I've seen mention of having to do both a commit and a recommit on a CPQANS vlan binding but I don't know if the same applies to iANS.
Food for thought - there is a school of opinion out there that hates inetcfg with a passion and insists on doing all the network config in autoexec.ncf.  
Doing so, IIRC, precludes the use of the web-based network config tools in NoRM / iManager.  I like to use the tools - I'm not a die-hard command-line guy.  The tools tend to help with little things like syntax and order.

I don't know if the ANS config can be done via iManager, but if it can, it would have to be, AFAIK, in an inetcfg environment.

I don't know that converting to inetcfg would pick up the ANS config either, so that would have to be watched out for, if that looks like an option for you.
teecee33Author Commented:
Well I didnt have the recommit line when it worked on VLAN 160 with the second config.
teecee33Author Commented:
I will give the recommit a go and see what happens.  You say put the recommit statement AFTER I bind the IP?
I think so.
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