using http authentication in bookmarklet forces dialog confirmation, how to avoid?

I have created a javascript bookmarklet that uses URL-based http authentication (see code snippet).  Firefox for security reasons forces a dialog confirmation the first time the bookmarklet is called:  "You are about to log into the website...with username....".  I'd like to "automate" the bookmarklet, is there any way to avoid the dialog or auto-accept it?


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nizsmoConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
no, this is completely up to the user, and is by design in regards to firefox, for better protection of the users in general.
bluegreenoneAuthor Commented:
OK, but I want to use the bookmarklet on my own browser only, is there no way I can override or workaround this if I also control the browser install?
You can try adding the site to a list of trusted sites, but if that still doesn't work, then i doubt that it can be done.
bluegreenoneAuthor Commented:
AutoAuth worked as suggested, thanks.
Forced accept.

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