Is there freeware that is better than ghost to image a newly built system?

I built my computer, installed all the software, and would like to image it so that next time i format, i can get it back to this state. any ideas?
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richwittonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could also try snapshot -

Its free and if it expires just redownload/
kamleshgwalaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Power Quest Drive Image - PQDI also works fine
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get a Linux LiveCD like knoppix. It includes QtParted or QParted to manipulate partitions and partimage which you can use to make images of partitions.

A free utility that is also very good is DriveImage XML:

You could also get a UBCD and on it you'll find g4u (ghost 4 Unix) which can ghost  windows partitions too.
Crash2100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Any recent version of Norton Ghost is technically Power Quest Drive Image with a modified interface.
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