Arrays - need to associate value in one with value in another for db insertion

Hi - I've got a form that is generated from db data and returns two separate arrays -

(arrID) Array ( [0] => 208 [1] => 210 [2] => 222 [3] => 225 [4] => 236 )
(arrStatus) Array ( [0] => 2 [1] => 3 [2] => 3 [3] => 4 [4] => 1 )

I need to combine or otherwise associate the data in the arrays so that I can properly update the db. For example, I need to do a query similar to:

update table set status = $arrStatus[0] where ID = $arrID[0]

but I want do be able to do this in a foreach statement, as the number of items returned can  differ each time the form is submitted.

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steelseth12Connect With a Mentor Commented:

if(count($arrID) == count($arrStatus)) {
		mysql_query("update table set status = ".$arrStatus[$i]." where ID = ".$arrID[$i]);
	print "There was an error.<br> Items in Array arrID dont match items in Array arrStatus";

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Opps extra ; on for($i=0;$i<count($arrID);$i++;){

please replace it with

If i understood right:

foreach($arrID as $key => $val){
	$sql = "update table set status = $arrStatus[$key] where ID = $value";
	//execute the sql

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the above sql shoul look like this:
$sql = "update table set status = {$arrStatus[$key]} where ID = $value";

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betagirlAuthor Commented:
@steelseth12 - perfect, just what I needed.

@exmanpl - i needed to associate the values of one array with the values of the  same key  of the other - your query handles only the one array.

No it handles both, you loop through one array and yose the current key value in the other.
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