VMware : Operating system not found:

I am getting this error in the ESX Server.

Network boot from AMD Am79C970A.

Client Mac Addr: 00 0C 29 3D 66 F0 GUID : 564D4346-6AF6-7E7A-DE84-F4E7FD3D66F0
PXE-E51 : No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.

PXE-MOF : Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
operating System not found.

what is that exactly means and what will be the ideal solution?


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WeHeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to click into the console window before you press the keys.

your error is just an uninstalled virtual server (like a pc with an empty disk)
mount a cd/dvd image or a real cd/dvd and install a OS on the virtual server.
Means it cannot find an OS to boot. Did you already install ESX?
Your Harddisks aren't found. Make sure they are properly connected and working.
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If you are using a raid array it could be unavailable if is still bulding/verifying
1981mAuthor Commented:
Already the ESX server is installed. I created 6 VMs on that server.  3 vms are working fine and for remaining 3 it is telling me that  PXE : os not found. I am not using raid array. Is there any thing that I Can do from the ESX console or go to the command line and do something so that it can  detect the OS.
You mean the ESX server OS is running and the VM's are giving you that error? When you start the VM go into the VM's BIOS and make sure you have the correct boot sequence selected. At the moment it is trying to boot from the LAN and not the virtual HD.
1981mAuthor Commented:
When I press F2 or esc Its not going to the Bios setup.

I am receiving this same problem but the circumstances are a little different.  

We have 4 seperate ESX hosts with 3.5.0 installed.

I have a new virtual machine built from a template that can boot up on 3 of the hosts into the OS without any problems.  However, on the remaining host we keep getting the same error posted above.  It's like this host is unaware of the VMs disks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for this Thread!  

I was struggling with the same issues until I read that you need to click inside the console window before keys work.  I feel stupid!
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