solaris 10 dnsserver

Hi, I'm having some trouble with my dns server setup.
say I have a domain,
I've stored all info about serveres in db.mydomain. Now I can ping them all.

But I have an old server, that used to be on the internet, that now is only inside my firewall. And I still need access to it.
so I need to configure somwhere.

adding it in db.mydomain does not work.
Any other place I can add it?             A
                                  MX      10

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What about adding it to /etc/hosts, and configure /etc/nsswitch.conf

hosts: dns files
kristian_grAuthor Commented:
hmm, this will not help for other users of the dnsserver will it?
Can you provide more info about your requirement?
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kristian_grAuthor Commented:
well, I have about 20 road-runners using win xp and vista that uses the dnsserver.
I'd rather not uppdate all the hosts files maually :)
I therfore hope I can do something on the dns-server so the official domain name, is routed to a local server instead of out on the internet.

You just confused me more.

Do you want your old server to receive the mail messages coming from the internet and to be the gate way for your internal users?

kristian_grAuthor Commented:
sorry, no.
The mail server is moved to another domain. but there is some history, (ex. old mail, calendar etc) that they need to access. No new messages. The is not in use any more, only historical data.

If you are using dns to resolve to your server ip, then you add a zone ( to your dns server and in the zone file add the records that you need.

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