Terminal Server Printing Problem

  I have a Deskjet 6122 physically attached to my computer via a virtual usb port. I am running Windows XP Professional. When RDPing in to a Windows 2003 Terminal Server the printer did not show up. I downloaded and installed the drivers on the Terminal Server which corrected that problem but now when I print to it only blank pages come out of the printer. Am I still fighting a driver issue? Any ideas?
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dekkarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are the versions of the drivers exactly the same on TS end and your PC end?? you have to ensure this.... They were both installed using the same version or install file to be sure..
another thing I remember having to do with usb printing is uptade your RDP client.... I cant really remember what version or any other details than it had to be updated (5.2?? maybe.. 6.0?)_

Try updating it... I had a similar problem (a few years ago now) and updating the client just worked straight away...
Jeff BrownGlobal Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
terminal server  remote printing capabilities are filtered by default  to only include printers on ports starting with ltp usb and network ports.   Hp  usb printers  typically start with dot4 on their port (don't ask me why just know they do)   to take the filter off you will need to edit the registry  please follow the instructions in the link below


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i actually just had this issue 2 months ago.  i know it sounds ridiculous but we have a remote employee in FL & we're in Chicago.  the user is using an HP AIO 5610 that connect via USB.  we installed all the software on the local & remote desktop.  however, i took one of our spare 5610 models & connected it to the remote desktop & then that made the remote desktop recognize the virtual ports that the usb printers create.  that printer is not connected to the remote desktop anymore so it's not required to have it connected at all times.  it just needs to find the virtual usb printer port that those dang HP USB printers create when they physically connect to the computer.  So, if you are able to physically connect the printer to the remote desktop & then disconnect it, you should be just fine.
jimbecherAuthor Commented:
  You kind of lost me wfcraven12. You mean you took any old HP USB printer and put it on the Terminal Server just long enough to create the vitrual printer port that HP needs then removed it from the Terminal Server?
well any old HP USB printer just may work.  i just happened to have a spare of the same model.  but that was the missing link (the virtual printer port)  i tried to create it manually but it just did not work.  try using any HP USB printer.  if that doesn't work then you'd have to hook up the same model to establish the port it's looking for.
jimbecherAuthor Commented:
Got ya. I'll give it a try ...
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