net use command anomaly

I am use the "net use" command from a windows command prompt to map a drive from a domain computer to another windows computer which is in a stand alone workgroup.  When I use the following command which specifiies the IP address of the computer before the user account, the time in takes to map the drive is roughly 10-15 seconds.

net use * \\\c$ password /user:\administrator

However, if I remove the IP address before the user name "administrator" and let the access request bounce off my Active Directory domain controllers, it takes only 1-5 seconds to map the drive.

net use * \\\c$ password /user:administrator

I would prefer if the command did not try to bounce off my domain controllers because it generates an error in the security event log, but I would like the mapping process to only take 1-5 seconds instead of 10-15 seconds.   Does anyone know why mapping with the correct full credentials would take longer than with the incomplete ones?  Is there any way to use the correct full credentials and speed up the process?

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>"The computer I am trying to map a drive to is a member of standalone workgroup. There is no "DomainName"." Sorry, "heard" AD and assumed, you can try using the computer name, but there may not be much difference in that situation:
net use * \\\c$ password /user:ComputerName\administrator

You could also add the computer name and IP to the local LMHosts file. And then use computer name in the net use command. Ii should resolve using the LMHost before using DNS and may avoid the error.
Bouncing? What error does it create?
Does the account administrator (of the domain) have the same password as the 172...admin?
Is DNS working as expected?
Try nslookup - how long does that take?
What result comes after nslookup (simply "nslookup")
5 questions :)
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Have you tries using:
net use * \\\c$ password /user:DomainName\administrator

If that is not an option is there a DNS PTR record for
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have you tried using the ComputerName and DomainName instead of IP address?

net use [{DeviceName | *}] [\\ComputerName\ShareName[\volume]] [{Password | *}]] [/user:[DomainName\]UserName] [/user:[DottedDomainName\]UserName] [/user: [UserName@DottedDomainName] [/savecred] [/smartcard] [{/delete | /persistent:{yes | no}}]

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AManouxAuthor Commented:
To McKnife:
On my domain controller it generates Event: '676' Type: 'AUDIT FAILURE' Category: 'Account Logon '. I then have to explain to our auditors why someone was trying to use an "administrator" account on our domain. Not fun.  The domain admin account does not use the same password as the 172...admin account.  DNS is active on the domain but the computer in the workgroup that I am trying to map a drive to is in a workgroup.  I don't believe workgroup computers register their name in a Active Directory integrated DNS setup.

To RobWill:
I'm confused.  The computer I am trying to map a drive to is a member of standalone workgroup. There is no "DomainName" to enter before the user name.  Do you mean put in the WorkGroup name before the user name?

AManouxAuthor Commented:
I will try using the LMhost file and see if that makes any difference.  I am confused though why DNS is even playing an issue here since DNS resolves names to IP address and since I am already using the IP address of the computer in my Net Use command I don't see why DNS is needed.
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
nono, DNS does both directions.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Good point. I don't know, but it would sound to me as if it is, and the error is due to no PTR record (required to resolve IP to DNS name). I find you start mixing Domains and workgroups and different permissions you can get all kinds of weird results. Not suggesting it won't work, just some surprises. The only reason I was suggesting LMHosts is if it "feels" it needs to resolve, LMHOSTS is checked before DNS, and might head it off before contacting the DNS server. Just a long shot.
AManouxAuthor Commented:
Ok, well after some more testing it looks like I can use an IP address for the share mapping but I need to change the user credentials to use the Netbios name of the machine in order to speed things up.

net use * \\\c$ password /user:ComputerName\administrator

Not sure if that is a DNS issue or a WINS issue? If either of you have more insight feel free to comment. Otherwise I will split the points between RobWill and McKnife since you guys were first to reply with answers and additional help.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
To be honest I have never seen the command used with
I didn't think it would work at all. <G>
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks AManoux.
Cheers !
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