OWA HTTP 500 Error

I'm running Exchange 2003 and the original ABC.com domain works perfectly fine in Outlook and OWA, but recently we were asked to host 3 users using a different domain name - XYZ.com.

I hate to list everything I did but be patient:
Original domain:  ABC.local                  New domain:  XYZ.com

- Raised functional level to 2003

- Created OU, "HOSTED".   Under it, created OU "XYZ"
- In XYZ, created a universal security group "XYZ Employees"
- In XYZ Employees, [General] tab, email:   "everyone@xyz.com"
- In XYZ Employees, [Email Addresses] tab, SMTP (Primary)    everyone@xyz.com
- Unchecked "Automatically update email addresses based on recipient policy.

- Created a "XYZ" recipient policy in Exchange System Manager.
- Filter rule:
(&(&(&(objectCategory=*)(memberOf=CN=XZY Employee,OU=XYZ,OU=Hosted,DC=ABC,DC=local)))))
- [Email Addres (Policy)) tab, SMTP     @XYZ.com

- In ADSIedit.MSC, drilled down to server\OU=Hosted\OU=XYZ, properties
- Changed uPNSuffixes to XYZ.com

- Created a user account, made sure his SMTP address is @XYZ.com

No SSL, no form based authentication, Exchange and Microsoft Share folder have proper rights for Authenticated Users

OK.... assuming you got to this far...  How come I get a HTTP 500 error when I try using OWA?
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msghalebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to run Exchange best practice analyzer tool, I had the same issue before, and it was permission at the end.

mcse2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
kram0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this for everyone now, or just the new users?
randy915Author Commented:
This is just for the new users only because I created dummy accounts on the original domain and they work perfectly.
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