Removal of Win32:virtob & other possible virus from computer

I accidentally downloaded a virus & it seems to have affected the system files. When I boot up, it starts Windows normally & I get to my Desktop Wallpaper, but I cant see anything except the wallpaper. There are no icons at all, no start menu...nothing! just the wallpaper.
however, if I press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, it does bring up the Task Manager window & I am able to browse Programs through that & run them. however, I also noticed that I cannot bring up the command prompt by typing cmd OR command in the Run Task window.  Seems to me that the "Do not view Hidden files/folders" option is set on my computer, but I cannot even change that as I am unable to bring up Explorer. Same thing happens when I start in Safe Mode. I have seen some lines during the memory scan at boot that read something about win32:vrtob
When I bring up the Task Manager, I can go to File -> New Task (Run), but I am unable to even do a System Restore, as when I type the whole command, it says it is not recongnized, same goes when I type the command to bring up Windows Explorer ...or even the command prompt. Please help
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Joediggity2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally when the system gets so badly infected that it won't boot I rebuild because you never know what hidden changes have been made.  With that said, one method I have used in the past to successfully clean unbootable systems is to pull the HDD and make it a slave drive in another machiine (with a good up to date antivirus).  I then use the good machine to scan and clean the infected drive.
Try booting up in safe mode first, if you are able to get to the Start, Run command, then type "msconfig"  (without the quotes) and hit <Enter> .  Put the dot in "selective startup" , then uncheck "Load Startup Items". Hit apply, dut don't restart yet.

Right click on My Computer, hit properties. Click the System Restore tab (up top) check the box to turn off system restore, hit apply and ok.

If your antivirus is up to date, run a scan from here in safe mode, if its not, reboot and hopefully the msconfig modification will allow your icons to show in normal mode. Update and run a scan
delete whatever it finds.
nemesis7Author Commented:
superfooz74: I was able to bring up msgconfig & Uncheck "Load Startup Items", however, as I said, I cant see any icons, so I cant see the My Computer icon, hence, cant right click & choose system restore. pls call me at 281 451 1713
did you try this in safe mode? to get into safe mode, tap the F8 key as your computer is starting up, when you see a startup options screen choose "safe mode:. Most viruses can't start in safe mode, so chances are your icons will be there.

If there are no icons in safe mode, then your registry is damaged and it would be best to find a way of backing up your important files and reformatting your computer.

I'm sorry, I just post here as a hobby , I don't want to get in the habit of calling complete strangers and doing tech support on my time off.  Hopefully that doesn't sound rude.
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