2003 server is stuck on windows logo screen

today i was promped to install some updates mainily security updates and 1 other cant remember, on reboot the server hangs on the black windows screen with the horizontal scroller (i think it is usually green but now is grey)  I have just attempetd a last good configeration startuo with no success..  any ideas?
many thanks ben
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the_b1ackfoxConnect With a Mentor CIOCommented:
Pop in the Server CD, and boot to it...  get in recovery console.   get into c:\windows
look at the hidden sp folders, run the unistall (copy spunist.txt to spunist.cmd) and run it for the last four patches (should be able to see date)

Method2,  do a quick install of windows... then go to the original windows directory and do the above with the hidden spuninstall folders
And no safe mode?  Get into safe mode if you can, and do a system restore to a date  before you installed those patches.
bcoussensAuthor Commented:
how do you do sys restore in 2003? I have only done it oin xp
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Whoops, lol wrong, os... what I meant was uninstall the patches
bcoussensAuthor Commented:
no wont boot to uninsatll patches,  wont boot on safe either
unplug any externally connected devices to the server (eg extra external hard drives/tape drives/usb devices/CD drives, parallel printers etc etc) and try rebooting with just keyboard and mouse connected - may be a driver clash with one of these external devices causing it.

re last known good - will only work if you haven't logged in since the change that caused the problems - if you have logged in post that windows overwrites the last good config with the most recent  one at time of login so you will be rolling back to the same problem.

try the external devices and see if that sorts.

good luck

It may be a bad driver update.

If you are booting into safe mode, does it seem to hang on a particular driver? You can press a key to skip loading these if necessary (there is a prompt at the bottom of the screen).

This might help you to get into safe mode a bit more easily.
bcoussensAuthor Commented:
I have tried all of the ubove except for the spunist.txt method i will try that tonight.  
bcoussens - Could you please update this thread on what you ended up doing??

I have the same issue. And will update if i find a siolution

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