Opening more than one instance of Powerpoint

I am able to open several instances of Microsoft Word or Excel by clicking on the icon one or more times.  However, when I do the same for Powerpoint, only one window opens.

I have 3 screens and I would like to open different powerpoint presentations on each screen for comparison.  I've been told to simply widen the screen across three screens but this is not practical nor desirable as I want to control each window on a different screen.

Any idea how this can be done?
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GlennaShawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a couple of options, however you are limited because PowerPoint is still a single instance application:

Working with two monitors; editing PowerPoint on dual monitors

Two Instances of PowerPoint
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
solution for your exact problem is here
inghfsAuthor Commented:
Not sure if that is a solution, more a complex exercise for when you have time to play with command lines etc!

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Doesn't going to the Window menu and selecting arrange all display the windows so you can compare them?
The answer you've accepted does not address your 3 screen issue.  The first link I posted: is the same as the answer you've accepted as well as telling you how to stretch the window so you can arrange your Presentation on the different screens.
Disappointing since I posted the answer first.
inghfsAuthor Commented:

My sincere apologies, I meant to have selected your solution and not the one liner by Etircet.  Thanks for raising, I'll log a change request.
Not worried about the points and I hope it didn't sound petty, but I do care that the best solution is listed for persons who search this answer in the future.
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