Need to burn the ISO file to a DVD

I need to burn an ISO file to a DVD.
Id prefer to use nero 8, as I basically want to know how to accomplish this task with this program specifically.

Some background info:
The image file is 3.30GB.
To get this image file I used a program named 'newz toolz' and extracted the first of 34 rar files. These were 95MB each.
Sounds right ? I just needed to extract one of the 34??

Ok, now I want to make a dvd of the files making up the iso file, so that when inserted to dvd drive will autorun. So far I have just burnt the iso image to dvd.
And I need to make nero read the files, not just the image.....right?

My first post, hope I included appropriate info.
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Nick DennyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to go to "burn image" -in Nero 7 it was under "recorder"
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
why not try burning the image with nero and see.?
mboz79Author Commented:
yeah, when I burn the image using nero burning rom, I select dvd-rom (iso) this just burns the image, like I already have in explorer.
When I select dvd-rom (udf) same thing.

I think what Im looking for is some info about how to make nero pull away the image format and burn the files inside the image, (iso).

mboz79Author Commented:
Cheers seriousnick,

to the point ...and it worked !
mboz79Author Commented:
so easy.
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