Export event log to excel, and include the description.

Hi All,

Is there a way i can export the event log to excel so it includes the description?

many thanks
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Suroj ShresthaCommented:
Save Log file as CSV. and open it with excel. I guess this is what you are looking for.
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
Click on the start menu, go to run and type eventvwr.msc. Click on the Action menu and select export list. in the saveas choose .csv. and now open it with excel. hope this is what you were looking for.
detox1978Author Commented:

I ended up using a product called event viewer explorer to filter on the description.
This answer is not helpful - The original question was how to include event descriptions in the output file.  Eventvwr.msc on Server2003 does not export event descriptions.  It only exports Type, Dte, time, Source, Category, Event, User and Computer.

I too would like to export the eventlog with the descriptions included.  Any ideas?
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