RED screen with some anti-virus warning saying install program

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dis1931Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Spybot or a similar tool might work....I forget some of the names of other good I haven't been in desktop support for a while but is not necessarily a virus that mcafee or symantec would pick up but likely some spyware or other process or registry keys, files, etc...that are causing it to happen.  Sometimes installed accidentally or as part of another application.  You can look at msconfig and see what is in the startup tab....just go to start menu and type "msconfig" and it will come up....there are lots of places to look but that is a start.  Does the red screen come up regularly or is this a one time thing...if so it may just be a website she visited....and this was like a popup....just get rid of it anf it may never come up again.

hijackthis is another application and I beleive it also will tell you things like if your internet explorer homepage is hijacked etc...
Hello 63296329,

Don't do it...It is likely spyware or some other unwanted solicitation sometimes just popups from Internet sites.

Try cleaning your PC with spybot or other freeware spyware cleaner...Also run anti-virus to check your PC.


63296329Author Commented:
Its not mine but will work on it Monday. She has Macafee and they say its not a virus. Could it be adware? The ie probablt has that site as a default? She pro has to go thru the mess of terminating it which we both know is a pain in ..... you know. Would spybot (I use it) find it when macafee does not? She may not have done a scan in awhile.
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Sounds like smitfraud, or Vundo trojan....or both, which is common nowadays. Like dis1931 had said, give us a HijackThis log on it and it would show what' going on.

Download and run/save a scan. Save it as a text file and upload it.

Please upload the log at
Use the link below and login using your Experts-Exchange username and password.
Click on "Expert Area" tab
type or paste the link to your Question
"Browse" your pc to the location of your Hijackthis log and click "Upload"
Copy the resulting "url" and post it back here.
63296329Author Commented:
I am going to install the free spybot and the free adware SE. It comes up random. I have seen this before and takes over ie home page perhaps. It is an annoyance. Once I have th PC I can find out the name of the vendoe or program name and see if it has installed itself or is just hanging around like adware or mor like spyware. Will update ya'll first of next week. I also use registy smart. Is this the wrong section for this? It is sometimes confusing as to what area to pick. Later
63296329Author Commented:
I havr to leave now and pick up the other half at the airport, unfortunately. Cannnot wait to here all the complaints about her trip. WOW. Someone asked me if I knew why most men die before the wife.
He said because they want to.
63296329Author Commented:
I have the pc now. The res screen is RED and says Privacy in danger. Installed spybot and adwe SE. Ran both in safe mode. Running her Mcafee now. I am not connected to the internet .
63296329Author Commented:
Spybot caught it. A smitfraud which I had never seen before. The Ultimate Privacy took over the IE, so went to a site and internet options and chose use current. Thanks. Not bad after I discovered the mouse was set to left handed.
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