dns question--how to point name to server on specific port?


im running an internal remote assistance system.  it is set up to use port 1181.  im also running a trouble ticket system on the same server.

is there a way in internal dns i can set it up so that when users type "remote" in IE, it resolves to the remote system?  currently, it is going to http://www.rapidassist.com/launch.asp?context=******&service=user

the company installed it locally and when i click the link, it does run on our interenal server instead of theirs, but what i ultimately want is for the word remote to go to the same site.

im not a guru with dns, so thanks
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darron_chapmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create remote in your dns and point it to your webserver (i'm assuming IIS)
In IIS, create a new site, go into properties and choose the IP address,
Click advanced, double click on the IP there and add remote for the Host Header Name
Create a blank page in the web sites directory, name it default.html and make the content be what's in the code snippet below

Now when a person types in remote in IE, it should redirect to http://www.rapidassist.com/launch.asp?context=******&service=user
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=http://www.rapidassist.com/launch.asp?context=******&service=user"> 
<title>Redirect Page</title>

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There is no way to specify a port number in DNS.
phrea84Author Commented:
so, is there any way i can do this internally?
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If this is web based, you can set up another site on your current server port 80, point remote to that server (you'll need to setup the headers on that site) and create a redirect page for the default document of the new site that points to the site:port that you want...
phrea84Author Commented:
so now what i want to do is have "remote" resovle to http://www.rapidassist.com/launch.asp?context=******&service=user

how hard would this be?  the website listed above is just a redirector to our local server

Forced accept.

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