delet NTFS file

how can i delete some file that i scan with antivirus in windows and i can not delete it I use live cd slax and kanoppix I can not delete that file too what i need to do so I can delete that file
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1. Your live CD is probably mouting the NTFS volume read-only
2. You cannot delete files by hacking the registry

Either use an XP cd and delete it via the recovery console, or use a recent Linux live CD which supports read/write NTFS access, like Knoppix.
Please give us more details...version of windows, etc
In either case, could you try running chkdsk -r from an xp recovery screen. Then try to delete the file again
You should also check the file attributes and make sure it's not marked as "read-only" and that you have the required permissions.  
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He stated he used a live cd, a live cd will ignore the file attributes
This program will delete any files that are giving you trouble... Just be careful to not delete any core system files.
File Unlocker -
try to delete it from the registry. be carful to delete the same file name you want after finding it in the registry. start> run > regedit
teera, you have another thread open with the same question, I've already posted more solutions there
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